Online Credit Card Processing

Processing credit cards online was once only for the privileged large ecommerce sites like Amazon. Since the introduction of affordable online credit card processing facilities, a variety of websites both large and small now have merchant credit card processing services. Enabling them to take orders online and charge credit card orders in real time.

Credit card processing facilities have now enabled the more traditional merchant to practically work from home, automating the entire online shopping experience thus freeing up more time to focus on other important areas of running an online business, such as website promotion and marketing.

Internet credit card processing generally requires that you have a merchant account with your local bank (many new website owners who are entering the online store arena already have this from their existing business). This Merchant account simply ties into the service that the online credit card processing company has. Often the company or payment gateway can help you set this up if you have not already done so.

Still lost as to how a payment gateway / online credit card transactions work?

We have included a simple layout below to try and clear this up for you.

Credit card proccessing, how it works

For more information on payment gateways and accepting credit cards online we suggest contacting one of addme's preferred credit card processing partners:

Credit Card Processing Partners

A US based credit card proccessing service, same day aproval avaliable
$300 dollars value for free!
» PayPal   PayPal
Possibly one of the biggest secure payment services used on the internet today!.
» Merchant Express   Merchant Accounts Express
Low rates and no hidden fess.
Several credit card processing options to accept credit cards: Internet, retail, wireless, mail order, Quickbooks and phone order.
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