Add me Buttons – Myspace

MySpace is one of the internet’s leading social networking websites (though soon to be overtaken by the ever growing Facebook).

Myspace is unique in the way each member can customize their page, this is possible through the
addition of different MySpace codes, buttons and MySpace icons to a member page currently this is not available within Facebook.
“Add me” buttons are a popular form of customizing a MySpace page. Add me buttons for MySpace are added to the member page, making it easier for the visitor to add the person as a friend on their own member page.

Add me buttons and add me links can be found on many MySpace code websites, most add me codes can be generated on the webpage, simply copy and paste the “add me” link code onto your MySpace webpage.

Below MySpace add me buttons and codes have been added for your use. Be sure to replace the “YOUR FRIEND ID” with your own MySpace friend ID number. Enjoy!

“Add Me” buttons!


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