Website Promotion

Website promotion is an integral part of running a successful online business. Promoting your site on the internet follows the similar principle to promoting any business, listing you business in business directories, making sure people know about your business, news letter drops etc.There is one main benefit of Internet promotion and promoting your business on the internet, it can and will happen much quicker than offline!

So, where to start? Once your site is complete (and I mean 100% complete) you need to begin your internet promotion campaign.

Search Engine Submission:

Submitting your website to search engines is an effective way of driving qualified traffic to your website. What better way than attract a proactive audience, people are actively searching for your products. Addme provide a variety of search engine submission services, all available from the submission section of the site.

Directory Submissions:

Though not as effective, internet directories are also a good source of traffic and backward links (Backward links are beneficial for your search engine rankings). When compiling your list of directories make sure you have and Yahoo!.com at the top of your list!

Search Engine Optimization:

During completion of the above to practices we strongly recommend that you also start optimizing your website for search engines. Search engine optimization is an integral part of internet website promotion. Unfortunately simply submitting your website to a search engine will not get you top position – you will be required to make sure that the copy on the WebPages is unique. The copy should also included popular search terms that people will use to search for your products and service. To find out what people are searching we recommend using Keyworddiscovery.Finally, you will need to make sure that your site can be accessed by a search engine. Check out SEO Toolkit for all the required tools to complete your website optimization.

Paid Search:

Paid search marketing (aka CPC) is a very effect way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Many search engines offer a paid search program, the biggest ones being Google And more recently MSN. Paid search listings generally receive 30% of the search traffic from a search results page. Paid search programs allow you to nominate what search terms you want your site to show up for. Other main benefits of paid search campaigns are:

  • Day Parting; Nominate the time of day when your ad/listing is shown
  • Geo – targeting: Target your paid search ad’s to certain geographical location (‘s)
  • Target Pages: Drive traffic to specific pages on your site, this is done during the ad group set-up. You can even drive traffic to specific pages depending on the search term.
  • Positioning: To limit your search spend and manage the flow of traffic you can specifically position your paid search add.

Trusted Feed:

The final search product available to increase your presence in the search engine results is trusted feed. Trusted feed is a hybrid search product combining natural listings within the Yahoo! Search results with a flat bid structure depending on your category. This form of search marketing works very well for sites with a large volume of pages i.e. shopping websites.

Email Marketing:

Another effective form of website promotion would be email marketing. Known as a more aggressive form of marketing, email marketing involves building or acquiring an opt in mailing list. This mailing list must suit your audience and MUST be opt in. if you purchase a mailing list that is not opt in you will do more harm than good, you will be send emails to people that did not request these , thus risking your site being black listed for spam. Another very important point to consider when purchasing a mailing list is the audience; make sure you’re not wasting your message on people that are not interested in what you have to say.

Combining the popular methods of website promotion, search engine submissions, directory submissions and email marketing is a step in the right direction to promoting your website, building brand and driving traffic to the site via search engines. Finally, website promotion is an ongoing project. Like any other form of promotion – you need to keep at
it for it to work.

If you don’t have the time or know-how to promote your site yourself, you may have to hire an online marketing firm. A professional and experienced company can help take
your online presence to the next level.

Got more questions about promoting your website? Feel free to contact us.

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