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Customer reviews are the single most effective form of marketing you can do for your company.

Only *you* can't do anything - your customers have to spread the good word about your business for you. But how?

Acquire More Authentic Customer Reviews

  • Automate

    Automate multi-channel review acquisition campaigns via email, text message and print.

  • Optimize

    Optimize review volume on Google, Facebook and the industry-specific review sites that matter to you.

  • Protect

    Protect your reputation with a system that proactively catches unhappy customers for offline recovery.

Monitor and Listen

  • Alert everyone on your team who needs to know when new reviews are published on the Web

  • Respond from a central "Command Center" for reviews and keep track of issue statuses

  • Report on trends for reviews of you business

Amplify the voice of the customer

  • Stream latest and greatest reviews to show social proof in websites and sales channels

  • Share positive reviews as compelling and automated social media content

  • Showcase reviews in SEO-friendly markup on-site to drive visibility in search