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Yahoo Instant Search

Posted on July 20, 2011

Yahoo Instant Search

Before Google solidified its hold on the Internet, Yahoo Search was the top Web destination. Now, Yahoo is struggling to compete and take its place back at the top.

The year 2011 seems like a promising year for Yahoo Search, though. Just this 23rd of March, the search engine released Yahoo Search Direct, a new tool similar to Google Instant Search.

As with Google Instant Search, Search Direct gives you results as you type in the search box. So what’s in it for us users? Well, for starters, you get faster results, and there is less typing and clicking involved.

Search Direct brings you results in real time the moment you click inside the search window. A dropdown box shows the latest trending searches even before you’ve entered one single character.

Once you’ve typed in the keywords you have in mind, the trending list is replaced with an auto-suggest list and the window to its right is filled with results relevant to your query.

Once you hit enter, you’ll be redirected to the regular Yahoo Search results page and be greeted by the usual blue links.

As of now, Search Direct is still in beta phase in the US. Later this year, the new tool will expand to other markets and Yahoo products.

Search Direct is a lot like Google Instant Search, but the two are not entirely the same. For one, unlike Google Instant Search, Search Direct’s real-time results only show up on the drop-down window but not in the actual results page.


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Thanks to Search Direct, you don’t have to leave the search box to get relevant information. While you may be directed to Yahoo’s own in-house content (such as Yahoo Shopping), that’s hardly a problem, and it only makes sense for Yahoo to promote its own websites.

Here are more of Search Direct’s advantages:

  1. Faster Searches

Some of the most successful inventions in human history let us accomplish taxing activities with very little energy and effort. This is partly why Search Direct is a winner. You do not have to finish typing a search term since you get results right away.

That said, Search Direct also saves time.

  1. Smarter Predictions

How many times have you gone on a search engine to look for something but do not know what it is exactly you are looking for? Search Direct helps you know what to look for by suggesting keywords related to your query. The top suggestions are shown in grey text right below the search box, so you can stop typing after finding a relevant suggestion.

How to Turn Off Search Direct

Some people are more comfortable with regular search, though. Here are the steps to turn Search Direct off or on.

  1. Click the Options link found to the right of the Search button, then hit Preferences.

  2. Select Edit beside Search Direct.

  3. Choose either On or Off.

  4. Click Save, and you’re done.

To save this setting, you have to log in to your Yahoo account.

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