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Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Business

Posted on September 27, 2012

Choosing a domain name is one of the first and most important things you can decide for your Internet business. A domain name is more than just a simple website address - it is your brand and identity on the World Wide Web. So, what makes a good domain name for your business? Below are some tips that can help you decide on the perfect domain name for your business.

1 Quick Way to Engage: Keep it Short

Don’t waste space with a long web address. Create a great web address with .CO and give your audience a quick way to recognize your brand. .CO is recognized as meaning company and/or corporation across the globe, and is a simpler way to minimalist messaging for online advertising. Consider the impact of creating a .CO for your PPC Ad campaign:

- Make calls-to-action quick
- More memorable URLs mean easy awareness
- More 4-letter options are available on .CO (92%)
- Don’t waste words with long URLs

Offer your audience a fast way to recognize your branded web address. Streamline your ad content with a simple .CO URL to connect with your audience and maximize every word and letter to drive action.

Visit GO.CO to search for the web address that will get you noticed.

There are 4 basic domain naming conventions:

  • Keyword based
  • Event or date based
  • Company name based
  • Easy to remember or brand-able.

Key tips to keep in mind when choosing a domain name:

  • Short – The shorter, the better. Short domain names are easier to remember, leaves less room for spelling errors, and often times more brand-able.
  • Unique – Distinguish yourself from the crowd. Choose one that is memorable and keeps your domain name lingering in peoples’ minds.
  • Brand – Remember that your domain name a part of your brand identity. Your brand should be consistent both on and offline.
  • Keywords – If you decide to go with a keyword-based domain, choose your keywords carefully. Keywords within the domain name / URL can play a role in your search engine rankings. Although, generally it’s not a huge factor – for smaller industries and niches, it can give you a considerable boost.

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  • Legal matters – Make sure to do some research on the domain name as to avoid legal problems issues down the line. Copyright infringement can play havoc on your business.
  • Fulfilling expectations – This isn’t always an easy thing to do since many domain names are based on a brand and not necessarily based on keywords. However, for those using a keyword-based domain, the content on your site should closely match the keywords in your domain name.
  • TLD – .coms, .orgs, and .nets are still the most popular top level domain names today, but in recent years, we have seen an increase in popularity of other types of TLDs, such as .info, .US, .CO, and .UK.

Choosing a domain name is usually a time-consuming task. You can spend days and weeks brainstorming and weeding through the potential names. Fortunately, there are tools online that can help you narrow down your choices.

Here are some free domain name tools:


The tips I gave you are provided as best practice guidelines for choosing a domain name, but in the end, it’s really a matter of preference. There have been successful websites using all different formats of domain names – some are creative, some are keyword-based, some are company-based, and some that are just plain ugly.

A domain name may represent the exterior of your brand, but it doesn’t necessarily dictate how successful your business will be. How successful your business becomes is really up to you.

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