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What is Local Advertising and Why Does it Matter?

Posted on March 28, 2012

What is Local Advertising and Why Does it Matter?

If you're not local, you're probably not having the impact you could enjoy in your community. No matter how spiffy your website, how faithful your tweets, or how charming your blog posts, local search is going to drive local business. With a few adjustments to your local advertising online, you can capture your fair market share of local business. Tackle one strategy at a time, until you've optimized your local advertising strategy by following through on all five tips.

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What is Local Advertising and Why Does it Matter:

The era of web browsing is long past. These days, most people use the Internet browser for targeted searching. Examples of targeted searching include dentists in your town, local bakeries that deliver, or local yoga studios. The keyword here is "local." Unless you have a really specialized service, your customer base lives in and around your community. By optimizing your local advertising, you're actually helping your customers find you--and not your competitors--when they look for services in the community.

1. Get Listed
Local search listings include Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and MSN Live Local. They can even expand to include social media platforms such as Foursquare and Yelp. Put your business onto these services so it can be found whenever--and however--users search. Include your telephone number and full address. If possible, list business hours. Listing your business takes only a few minutes, is free, and has great potential to drive traffic.

2. Enhance Your Listings
Once you've created local listings, enhance them. Adding hours is one enhancement method. Include interior and exterior business photos, which lure the new customer to your business and help her located it from the street. Add additional detail that will help customers choose you, such as special products you carry, types of credit cards accepted, and other key business information. If you include a free consultation, list that!

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3. Geolink Keywords
Keywords help identify your business and are a powerful part of the search package. Keywords might include "real estate lawyer" or "cardiologist." There are tens of thousands of cardiologists, but how many are in Raleigh, or Denver, or Sacramento? Adding your location into your keyword helps search engines return your site when potential customers search for local businesses. Modifying your keywords takes a few seconds, and again promises a major ROI.

4. Build Links
Google uses link reputation to assess the popularity and relevancy of a given site. Ask sites that link to you to use geo-relevant text when describing your business. For example, a directory of dentists in St. Paul could describe your office as a "family friendly St. Paul dentistry," then hyperlink that text to your website.
You can only build links to the extent that you know sites that link to you, so do the best you can. Google your business name and see what comes up. Try emailing the info or help email of sites you're unfamiliar with and asking for a local link. You might compose two to three templates, then email those along with your request. This makes replacing the link text with local link text even easier.

5. Watch Your Empire Grow
You've just made some major investments in your local search strategy, so sit back and watch your traffic. Monitor your local search listings. This helps you respond and reach out to customers. If you're active on sites like Yelp, send a friendly email to customers that give rave reviews, and ask how to make things right if you get a poor review. Offer perks for your Foursquare mayor. If clients leave bad reviews on local search listings, this can scare away new business. Being proactive about your online reputation helps safeguard your reputation in the real world.

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