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Is Social Bookmarking Still a Good Marketing Strategy?

Posted on October 25, 2012

Social bookmarking has been popular for a few years now and many marketers are still unsure as to whether or not it is actually an effective marketing strategy. That should come as no surprise, especially when you consider that tracking your marketing efforts with social bookmarking can be difficult to do.

Social Bookmarking can Produce an ROI

Many say that social bookmarking just isn’t worth the effort. They say it doesn’t produce sales. It’s been said before and it’ll be said again by marketers who have little to no experience in it. You won’t know if it can produce sales if you have no way of tracking your bookmark marketing efforts. But for those savvy marketers that know how to truly use social bookmarking to their advantage, there is still plenty of worth in social bookmark marketing.

Social Bookmarking can Still Work if Your Message is Worth Sharing

The key to a successful social bookmarking campaign is having a message that people want to share. Unfortunately, coming up with a message that people want to read is hard enough. Getting people to share your message is even harder. This takes effort and it helps to stay in the loop with social media, especially in similar industries, to see what is working and what isn’t.

Successful marketing has been made even more difficult in recent times because of the non-stop poor marketing efforts of marketers with poor messages and bad tactics. People have become blind to disingenuous marketing and that sometimes also means good marketing can get lumped in with the bad.

You need to know what kind of social bookmarking services your target market is likely to be using. There are hundreds of social bookmarking services and some are very specific to types of content, while others are location specific. Of course there are the ones that almost everyone uses like Facebook. But business professionals use LinkedIn. Tech savvy people use Twitter. The list goes on and on. You have to do your research and find the relevant services for your message.

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What Doesn’t Work with Social Bookmarking

Simply put, your social bookmarking marketing campaign isn’t likely to gain any traction if your message isn’t exciting. Unfortunately for some marketers, it can be hard to come up with an exciting way to get people to bookmark sites in some industries.

Your bookmark marketing won’t work well if you just place a bunch of bookmark icons on your website. People are blind to a lot of those badges and don’t want to look at a row of 20 icons, when most people only use one or two.

Another thing that just simply doesn’t work anymore is using software or a service to buy bookmarks. You can’t try to game the system by buying bookmarks from some company that sells them. That may have worked in the past, but not anymore. It doesn’t do your marketing campaign any good to have a bunch of fake social networking accounts linking to you.

Finally, there’s nothing that people dislike more than fake or disingenuous social media marketing. People have grown wise to social PR firms that try to make social media marketing campaigns seem organic. Sometimes campaigns like this can work. It’s just that a majority of the time they don’t and they can sometimes irreparably damage a company’s image.

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