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Posted on September 24, 1999

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  September 24th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #63 ***

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                 Links to Success

  By Geoff Caplan

  Did you know that web linkage is responsible 
  for most web traffic?

  Search engines are still extremely important 
  but many of the most successful e-commerce sites 
  claim that linkage programs offer the single 
  greatest source of web traffic.

  It makes sense. The nature of the World Wide 
  Web encourages serious web surfers to navigate 
  from site to site through the links to other 
  related sites and resources "found" on the sites 
  that are visited. People sometimes forget that 
  the name "web" itself is based on an extensive 
  interweaving of sites, similar to links in a 

  It's important for any site owner to seek out 
  and invite related web sites to "exchange" 
  reciprocal links. The site being invited should 
  be interesting, provide good links and present 
  useful, relevant information that complements 
  what you are already presenting.

  Recommend-It - "The Internet's Word of Mouth"

  Recommend-It is the leading webpage referral service on the
  Internet. Recommend-It has helped its member sites generate
  high-quality "word of mouth" traffic through its easy-to-use
  service.  Visit today
  to install this free service on your site. With over 30,000
  registered users and over 1.4 million opt-in newsletter
  subscriptions, Recommend-It is truly The Internet's Word
  of Mouth.

  A web site with an extensive listing of quality 
  links offers several advantages. First, the 
  site is perceived as being a useful resource, 
  and justifies revisits. Second, it's more 
  effective than just placing banner advertising 
  on other sites, since a reciprocal hyperlink is 
  considered to be more believable. Finally, it 
  helps your site's ranking with search engines 
  that place some importance on link popularity. 
  This is especially important with AltaVista, 
  HotBot and Infoseek.

  Business-to-business web sites require extensive 
  research to seek out, invite and establish 
  appropriate reciprocal links with other sites. 
  For others, "non strategic," or general links 
  to other sites can be established quickly by 
  checking out some of the reciprocal link exchange 
  services that exist for free on the Web. 

  A word of caution about reciprocal links. Be sure 
  your site includes navigation within the HTML code 
  to prevent your site visitor from leaving entirely. 
  A simple method to prevent this is to modify the 
  links so that a new browser window opens. This can 
  be done simply by adding a "target" attribute to 
  the links, and set it to the value "_blank". 

  Add Me!

  When your visitor closes the linked site's window, 
  they are still with you.

  Article by Geoffrey R. Caplan 

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