Posted on September 17, 1999

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  September 17th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #61 ***

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           "Location, Location, Location"

  by Tony Callahan

  The first thing you should consider in advertising is the first
  thing you should consider when buying real estate: Location,
  Location, Location. You want to focus all of your efforts on
  your intended audience. Once you know who they are, determine
  which publications they are most likely to read.

  While large sources have apparently attractive numbers of
  readers, their advertising rates are usually high. Focus instead
  on smaller publications, such as targeted newsletters or
  Internet magazines (ezines). There are publications for sports,
  hobbies, pets, business, occupations and many other areas of
  interest. The advertising rates of these smaller publications
  are usually lower than the big guys and, if you select carefully,
  the readers almost guaranteed to be in your target market.

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  To give an example from my personal experience:

  I posted an identical ad for an affiliate program in two
  different publications. The ad ran for the same period in both
  publications and both were published with the same frequency.
  The first was a large ezine with over 300,000 subscribers,
  the second was a publication for online business people with a
  subscriber base of only 7,000. Below are the results I observed:

        Ezine 1:
                481 responses
                3 sign-ups

        Ezine 2:
                168 responses
                19 sign-ups

  So what made the difference? The answer is quite simple. The
  first ezine's readership was broad based. While many people were
  curious enough to respond to the ad, very few were serious
  enough to actually signup for the program. The second ezine's
  audience was primarily made up of people interested in owning
  business on the Internet. This prior interest in products
  similar to the one I offered resulted in better results. Not to
  mention the fact that the ad in ezine #2 was significantly less
  expensive. This experience is a great illustration of why it is
  vitally important to reach your target audience.

  The number of Internet ezines is growing every month. It should
  not be difficult to locate several publications that cater to
  your target market. If you advertise in just five targeted ezines 
  and receive only thirty responses per week per publication, 
  well below the averages I have experienced, you will receive 
  600 qualified responses per month!! If only ten percent of 
  these responses result in sales, it still means an additional 
  sixty sales per month!!! These calculation don't even include 
  the potential for ad-on and repeat sales. As you can see, 
  targeting your advertising can result in very nice profits
  for you business.

  Even with a targeted audience, the results that you experience
  will vary significantly, depending upon the particular
  opportunity or product being offered. The other big factor that
  influences how much response you will receive is the
  advertisement itself. In a next issue I will detail techniques 
  for developing ads that produce results.

  Tony L. Callahan, is a successful Internet Promotions Consultant
  with twenty years of computer industry experience and is
  president of his own Internet marketing company, Link-Promote
  . He also publishes Web-Links
  Monthly, a newsletter full of tips, tricks, tools and
  techniques for successful web site promotions. To subscribe,
  send e-mail to: .
  Copyright �1998, 1999 Tony L. Callahan All Rights Reserved

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