The SEO's Toolkit Part One of Three: Firefox

Posted on August 26, 2009

Every SEO uses different tools and resources. Some tools are paid, some are free and some are internally developed tools that we use for ourselves and our clients - but we all use them. Very often I get asked what tools people should use if they're looking to optimize their own sites and what resources they should use to keep up with the latest going's on. While telling people how to optimize their own sites and what the tools we use isn't generally the best of business practices - I just can't help myself.

If your budget doesn't allow for the hiring of a professional SEO company - trying it yourself may be the only option. I also try to remember that once-upon-a-time I was optimizing my own sites and was new to SEO and without the open advice of others already involved in the community - I wouldn't be running a successful SEO company today. To this end, it only seems right to provide a list of some of the main tools we use on virtually every site.

When I initially started writing this article I was going to cram a slough of various tools and resources into one article but the article was going to end up running WAY too long to hold your attention (or mine) so I've cut it into three EZ parts (as opposed to three EZ payments which you'll be familiar with if you too watch late night TV with a laptop in front of you writing things like SEO articles). But let's get to the meat of this article shall we? The series will be divide into three parts:

  • Firefox
  • Free & Affordable Tools
  • Resources

So let's begin with Firefox. Let me first say, I don't know if Firefox is officially the browser of SEO's but if not - it should be. You can download it here.

And now the extensions that make this browser invaluable to SEO's ...

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SEO Quake

If I had to lose all but one of my SEO tools - this would be the one I'd keep which is why it gets listed first. This little tool allows me to quickly look at the top 10 results in the SERPs and within seconds see all the PageRank, indexed page numbers, backlinks to that page, domain backlinks, the age of the site and much much more.

This tool doesn't provide any revolutionary information in that it's all data that can be accessed directly however it reduces tasks that would take many minutes down to a few second. It then provides easy links to more detailed information. A fantastic tool. Oh, and it also adds a line through all nofollowed links. Very handy when link building.

SEO for Firefox

Aaron Wall over at SEO Book has added a great tool to the mix that duplicates a lot of functions of SEO Quake but which has enough additional features to be very useful. Basically - neither is a replacement for the other.

Like most tools - it provides information that can be accessed without HOWEVER with this Tool Aaron allows users to find tons of relevant site and keyword information quickly and painlessly. From keyword traffic to keyword trends, from backlink counts to social media mentions - this tools gives quick access to tons of information.

Admittedly I prefer the layout of SEO Quake and some of the easier functionality BUT

SEO Link Analysis

A HUGE tumbs way up (two of them in fact) to Joost de Valk who made all our lives simpler when this tool launched. What this tool does is displays the PageRank and anchor test of every link when you perform a backlink check on one of the major engines. I suppose you could visit every single site and get this information yourself and there's value in that to be sure but when you need a quick analysis of a site's backlinks - this tool is invaluable.

As a note - works VERY well with SEO Quake.

Web Developer

With this tool we're getting a bit more advanced. For those of you who understand coding or are learning (and you should be) this tool is incredible. It allows for quick testing and viewing of a site for it's structure including inage info, table and cell information, W3C compliance, CSS details and MUCH MUCH more.

I can't possibly list off all the functions this tool offers and admittedly - I don't use them all but I use enough of them regularly for this tool to make my top 10 list.

IE Tab

This is an odd tool to add and it's purely a convenience tool but like adding a second monitor to your system - once you have it and realize that it saves you just a few seconds but it saves you that dozens of times per day you quickly realize that your productivity relies on it.

With a simple click of a button this tool loads Internet Explorer into your Firefox tab so you don't have to go back-and-forth between browsers when testing. I could survive without it but since you have Firefox anyways ...

rel="nofollow"Search Engine Submission

Search Status

This is another tools with many uses. On the surface it simply displays PageRank, Alexa and Compete rank and mozRank data but with a right-click of the icon you get access to a whole sleugh of additional information including fast links to whois, the robots and sitemap files, keyword density information, info and it'll even highlight nofollow links.

A lot of thes features overlap other tools noted above but I will say - I have it installed and so should you.

Now this is the main sleugh of extensions I have installed for Firefox (read: the ones I use virtually every day). This isn't to say taht's all there are and I can't stress enough the benefits of visiting and looking for more useful extensions specific to your needs (RSS, Twitter, coding, etc.) I have about a dozen more installed than are listed here but those above are the main Firefox SEO tools I use daily.

The Following Article

In the next article we'll be taking a look at free and affordable tools that you can use to help improve your website rankings. Be sure to keep your eyes open as there will be many invaluable tools listed there too.

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Dave Davies is the CEO of Beanstalk Search Engine Optimization, Inc. Beanstalk offers performance-based SEO company, consulting, training, copywriting and link building. Be sure to watch their SEO blog for up-to-date information on the latest goings-on in the search engine and SEO world.

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