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Free SEO iPad Apps

Posted on May 4, 2011

Now that Apple iPad's consumer base has grown, webmasters need to find a way to step up their game and adjust to new SEO techniques in order to suit the iPad's new design and features. They can do so by employing a few types of SEO apps. However, before tinkering with iPad SEO in particular, they must first learn about the nature of mobile SEO.

Before choosing the right kinds of SEO apps to download to enhance their iPad SEO, however, webmasters must first understand that mobile search engines are designed differently from traditional search engines. Both types of search engines employ different kinds of bots and algorithms. Additionally, before webmasters delve into mobile SEO, they should know that mobile search engines are not really as finely tuned as compared to the traditional search engines.

After learning these basic things about mobile SEO, webmasters must also understand the difference between traditional SEO and iPad SEO.

  • One of the most important things they need to know is that flash is non-searchable using the iPad. Therefore, contents embedded in flash can't be properly indexed by Google.

  • Another thing they need to consider is that the iPad's new architecture is probably going to make an impact, or at least a few changes, to the field of Advertising. As most people may have noticed already, Apple and Google are both pushing towards mobile advertising. So webmasters might want to look deeper into that aspect as well, if they want to optimize their sites, especially among iPad or mobile phone users.

Moving on to free SEO apps for iPads, here's a review of the most efficient tools.

  • Google Analytics for iPad

This is one of the most widely used SEO apps, mainly because it's free and it provides a comprehensive report. Additionally, this free application for iPad SEO also offers users with an impressive touch interface dedicated to showing reports derived from Google Analytics itself. This tool is ideal for webmasters who are planning to do a quick presentation to various people, or perhaps to important clients, with the use of their top keyboard. Apart from that, this tool can also be used to simply run a thorough search engine report.

  • VNC

This particular application for better mobile SEO can efficiently serve as an ideal back-up just in case a person forgets any important file or data that's stored in his/her home desktop while he/she is away. The VNC Server Lite basically enables users to enjoy easy access to their desktop files even when they are miles away from the computer. However, that's not all that VNC can do. This application can also function as a workaround whenever the person finds the need to view a Flash website using the iPad. So it's not only beneficial to web optimizers, but for the general base of consumers as well.

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  • Raven Tools

Another popular free application that can be used to boost mobile SEO or iPad SEO is the RavenTools app. This application becomes more useful once the user already has a RavenTools account.

Basically, what this tool does is to help anyone build or create a dashboard that contains various modules for review. However, if the user needs to gain access to the actual report, he/she can simply "drill" into it to gather whatever information he needs. In addition, this is also one of those free SEO apps that allow users to send emails and do a little research. Finally, this tool is also one of the best time-saving SEO apps around as it can allow anyone to access all of his websites once he is logged into his account.

  • WordPress for iPad

Everybody has probably encountered this popular blog server, given that it's practically one of the most popular. The specialized WordPress application designed for iPads really serves as a convenient tool for mobile SEO. This application enables users to perform any basic WordPress tasks for any number of blogs using their iPads. This is really convenient for anyone who needs to constantly update their blogs, but unfortunately don't have enough time to stay at home and sit in front of the desktop computer.

These are only a few of the best SEO apps webmasters can use in order to make the most out of mobile SEO. Since the iPad is one of the latest technological commodities in the market, webmasters are still adjusting to it in order to improve their SEO. In order to become efficient in what they do, they have to move fast and catch up. So knowing all the slightest changes made in mobile algorithms as well as in traditional web search algorithms can make a big difference. Webmasters should pay more attention to these changes as they help increase the level of personalization of search results; which, as we all know, is an important aspect of SEO.

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