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3 Highly Effective On-Page SEO Strategies

Posted on May 20, 2009

On page search engine optimization may not be as important as it once was back in the day, though it should still be part of your SEO campaign, here are some valuable strategies to consider for you on page SEO.

Search Engines all use a similar set of rules to determine how Webpages are ranked. These rules or algorithms create a content filter which enables them to serve relevant results to their users and filter out the majority of spam and black hat tactics. Often, SEOs and website owners overlook these simple on-page factors because they want instant gratification and a quick solution to their invisibility. These band-aids however, only mask the underlying penalties and deficiencies that Search Engine's are imposing on the Webpage. Fixing the root of the problem will help utilize Link Flow more effectively and prevent wasted money and effort.

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On Page Link Quality

Links are vital to any webpage's visibility on the internet. How Links flow within a site, and where they come from are important factors to any search engine. Search engines view links as a vote of confidence for the webpage. When the anchor text of a link is relevant to the market focus of the webpage being linked to, the search engine values this even more. There are numerous factors that can either increase or decrease a link's value. For example, if a link is found within the content of a webpage rather than isolated with few words surrounding it, the search engine will consider it to be a "Natural Link" and not a "Paid Link", and therefore associate more value with the Link.

Today, many SEOs are focused on purchasing links or Pay-Per-Click campaigns for their customers. While this can be valuable in obtaining instant traffic and visibility for the site, it is often cost prohibitive and temporary at best. Many websites already contain enough link flow to achieve the desired results for their market focus without needing to obtain any additional links. It is simply a matter of redirecting the link flow that is already contained within the website, and sending it to the webpages that have the most competitive market focuses to correctly balance the Link Flow within the Website.

SEO Market Focus

The market focus of a Webpage is what the search engine thinks the webpage is about. If you want a webpage to rank high for a specific keyword or phrase, it is important to adjust the webpage's market focus accordingly. A Webpage's market focus is determined by the page's content as well as the Anchor Text of the incoming links. You can easily adjust the on page anchor text for incoming links within the Website. If the webpage is receiving links from other websites, contacting the Website's owner or webmaster and requesting that the anchor text be changed to a phrase which better matches the webpage's market focus can be very helpful and doesn't cost anything.

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Search Competition

It is vital to remember that if your on page optimization is a highly competitive keyword or phrase, you will have to direct a significant amount of link flow into that specific webpage. For example, if the webpage's on page seo copy is 'Green Frogs with Purple Hats', the target market is not very competitive, whereas if the market focus is 'Cars' it will have much more competition. The more competitive the market focus, the more difficult it is to achieve desired results and a 1st page ranking in the search engine Results Pages (SERPs). Be sure to pay attention to what the webpage is truly about and who the potential target audience is. It may be easier and more cost effective to achieve results with several less competitive market focuses each on different webpages within the site, rather than competing for most competitive term in your industry.

About the Author

Maura Stouffer is Co-Founder and President, Marketing & Operations for SEOENG LLC. ( which has developed the world's first SEO Friendly Search Engine. SEOENG provides a free Webpage Analysis, and tools for SEO Businesses including White Label SEO Reports as well as a privately labeled search engine Interface and Search Bar.

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