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Posted on October 31, 1998

    The Add Me! Newsletter      *** THIRD ISSUE ***
    "Free Tips to promote your website"
    Add Me, Inc         
    October 31, 1998                     Newsletter #3
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              .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....
           Why Aren't You Making It On The Net?
    Every hour the number of businesses establishing a 
    presence on the web is growing at an ever increasing 
    and incredible rate. Internet commerce is widley 
    tipped to become the first TRILLION DOLLAR Industry.
    While many companies see there profits soar, the 
    vast majority do not. So you've laid out thousands 
    having your site designed, hosted etc, and are 
    waiting for the profits to roll in right? Wrong!
    No doubt the designer has delivered a great looking site 
    that you can be proud of. Maybe with plenty of animation, 
    fancy graphics, the works. But will it do all that you 
    The following may prove helpful.
    1. How long does it take to download?
       Surfers have a very short attention span, so in 
    the main , unless your visitor is looking for you 
    specifically, if your site takes too long to load 
    chances are they'll move on.
    2. Remember the most important thing in marketing?
       The Customer. Without whom you wouldn't have a 
    business. Pretty basic but unbelieveable how many 
    times their needs are ignored. Make it easy for them 
    and for you. If they can order and pay on line it 
    goes along way to increase those sales. Get yourself 
    an on line credit card facility.
    3. URL submissions are all very well but you 
    need to get listed as high in the search engines 
    as possible otherwise the exercise can prove a 
    waste of time. 
    Why not search for your competitors or similar 
    sites. See where they are ranked. Compare yourself 
    to the top ranking sites in your field - click 
    on source and see what they've done and you haven't. 
    This should be an ongoing exercise. Be prepared 
    to make a few changes.
    4. Just like the rest of your marketing effort, 
    the process of attracting traffic should be 
    constant and maintained. Link and Banner exchanges 
    are a good idea. Also the promotion of your site 
    off line can bring great dividends.
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    Give your web site a search engine and earn 
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    For every two searches generated, we will place your 
    full-size banner ad on top of our pages. Our next 
    generation search technology tops every search result 
    with the people's choice best sites, each independently 
    investigated to determine age, popularity and quality.
    Proceed to:
    OK so you've joined one of the thousands of 
    opportunities out there, but how good is it in 
    terms of - Product - Support - Tools - and 
    Compensation. ( Please Don't Tell Me ! )
    I know there are some excellent online businesses 
    being networked out there, but as we all know only 
    too well or should, the net abounds with miscreant
    maleficents who hope you were born yesterday.
    Just send $ 10 and add your name to the bottom 
    of the list and send it to everyone you know.
    Bound to make at least $ 50,000 in 30 days.
    Oh please that one is older than I am.
    Join now, Limited Opportunity. We build your 
    downline for you Guaranteed from spill over. You 
    can make over $1000,000.00 per year I've done it 
    and want to help you.
    WOW How could I get so lucky - NOT.
    The majority of these companies seem to encourage 
    spam as the main , if not the sole means of promotion. 
    I regularly receive tons of this unsolicited e-mail, 
    most of which isn't even well written.
    It is highly annoying and no wonder only manages to 
    generate a response rate of really an average of 0.1%. 
    Although I'm sure a number of people will take issue 
    with that. Spammers are only too well aware of their 
    actions thats why they need to hide behind aliases.
    If you are conducting an e-mail campaign, responsibly 
    I hope, it may pay to consider the following.
    1. Target your e-mail.
    It is more than likely a complete waste of time , 
    money and other resources sending a message to 
    someone not remotely interested. With a message 
    aimed at a person likely to at least read it you've 
    got a fighting chance.
    2. Write for the medium.
    In off line media, the rule is usually " The more 
    you tell the more you sell". However with internet 
    marketing your audience probably won't read much 
    past the first paragraph. The subject line must be 
    inviting enough to have it at least opened. Your 
    message should be well crafted enough to Attract 
    Attention - Gain Interest - Move to Action.
    The whole idea is to get your prospect to either 
    mail you back or visit your
    An initial e-mail is not the place to go into a 
    long sales pitch.
    Every large piece of spam that comes through  
    ( in some cases several ages  ) gets deleted 
    immediately, at least by me anyway.
    Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Networking. 
    Indeed as I said there are many excellent opportunities 
    out there, and with a good company, provided you do 
    things properly you undoubtedly can make a very good 
    Some other things you might like to try are:-
    If there is a company site, check to see if you can 
    mirror a page on a free hosting site so that you can 
    take part in Banner and Link exchanges. This may go 
    a long way in exposing your business. Same goes if 
    you've got an SRWP ( Self Replicating Web Page) But 
    be sure to check with your company to see if this 
    is allowed.
    TIP: After you've put the page up on one of these 
    free sites , go back and check that all the links work.
    I have access to a number of excellent promotional 
    tools for on and off line use , including e-mail 
    approaches and great examples of promoting and support 
    for your business that I am willing to direct you to 
    for free, providing;
    1. You do not spam me with opportunities.
    2. You are patient. I have a mountain of mail to get through.
    Damian Fairbrother
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