Posted on October 15, 1999

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        >> Happy Birthday Add Me! Newsletter <<

  October 15th, 1999                      *** ISSUE #69 ***

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             .....TODAY'S ARTICLE.....

         Happy Birthday Add Me! Newsletter

  Time flies!

  Yes, time flies doesn't it? It feels like it was yesterday 
  that we at Add Me! decided to launch the Add Me! Newsletter. 
  With the success of our free submission service came a lot 
  of interest from you to learn more about website and business 
  promotion. So we decided that a newsletter was just what was 
  needed and a natural extension of our service. 

  Of course, we had never published a newsletter before, so we 
  were not sure how to get started. But we knew this: unlike 
  many other existing newsletters covering this topic already, 
  we wanted this newsletter to be very informative and high 
  quality. We also wanted it to be objective and honest (I'll 
  explain what I mean by that further down). Finally, we wanted 
  the format of the newsletter to be clear and consistent from 
  one issue to the next; still today, many newsletters are 
  ignoring this aspect and are therefore very difficult to read. 

  Well, this Sunday October 17th is the Add Me! Newsletter's 
  first birthday. We thought this would be a good time to take 
  a small break and look back to see if we actually did create 
  the newsletter we wanted to create. For this we invite you, 
  at the end of this article, to take a minute and send us your 
  feedback by answering a few questions. Some of you may already 
  have seen a very similar questionnaire 4 months ago. 

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  You said, honest?

  Yes, "honest", that small word that is so often forgotten by 
  writers and publishers. I am always stunned when I read some 
  of the so-called newsletters circulating out there. Many of 
  them are not newsletters; they are just advertisements in 
  disguise. There is nothing bad or wrong with having one or 
  two sponsors in your newsletter, but there is something really 
  wrong when, 1) the reader cannot easily distinguish the ads 
  from the article, or when 2) the article itself contains hidden 
  advertisements, carefully inserted by the author. 

  The publisher can easily correct the first problem, by inserting 
  lines around the ads as a way to clearly separate them from 
  the article. But some publishers include so many ads in their 
  newsletter that they might as well put lines around the article 
  to distinguish it from the ads. 

  Not all newsletters are "bad" of course, and I am not claiming 
  that the Add Me! Newsletter is the only "good" newsletter 
  either. All I am saying is: beware of these practices!

  The second problem is more serious. We, at Add Me!, receive 
  a lot of articles each week for possible publication in our 
  newsletter. Aside from classifying them as good quality versus 
  bad quality articles, we also categorize them as honest versus 
  dishonest. Many articles are just bad and have no chance of 
  making it through; others are very good but unfortunately a 
  bit on the dishonest side. Of course some are both bad and 
  dishonest and we know what to do with those! Whether it is 
  a business sending us their flashy marketing message hoping 
  somehow that we will publish it, or a person that wrote a 
  seemingly very good article that unfortunately also promotes 
  his or his buddy's website as if it was more popular than 
  Yahoo, all of these are considered more or less dishonest 
  articles, and they go straight to the Trash folder. Some 
  people out there are so desperate for exposure that they 
  will do anything to attract more traffic to their site, 
  and I mean  a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

  But fortunately there are also very good honest writers with 
  a lot of experience in website and business promotion. Those 
  writers deserve the exposure of our newsletter. You have read 
  their articles in past issues, and you will read more of them 
  in future issues. We hope you have enjoyed them all so far and 
  have learned a lot from each of them. One thing is certain; we 
  will do our best to keep the standards high.
  And for those of you who are publishing a newsletter or 
  planning to do so, do your audience a favor: select your 
  writers wisely, choose a clear format, and don't over sponsor 
  it! You won't have much of an audience otherwise. 

  And now, if you have a minute, I invite you to go to this URL and tell us what you think. We 
  take your comments very seriously for improving the quality of 
  this newsletter. 

  The Add Me! Team

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