Posted on October 8, 1999

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          >> Build A Successful Business <<
                By Staying Connected 

  October 8th, 1999                      *** ISSUE #67 ***

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             .....TODAY'S ARTICLE.....

            Build A Successful Business
               By Staying Connected 

  By Larry Dotson

  Over the course of your business life you'll come in contact
  with a number of other business people.  They could be
  lawyers, business services, suppliers, customers, etc. 
  These people are important to your business in more ways 
  than one. Yes, you may have hired them, or they bought 
  your product or service. You can also gain their business
  knowledge, experience, ideas, and advice. How do you do
  this? Stay Connected!  Network!  Networking is when two
  or more different businesses stay in contact on a regular
  basis to build and improve each others business.

  Consider all the benefits you'll gain from talking to other
  busines people:

  -Knowledge or information that you didn't have before

  -Advice on how to solve a current business problem

  -Leads to a new business project or opportunity

  -Joint ventures and cross promotion deals

  -Learn important skills that you didn't have before

  -Constructive criticism that  improved  your business

  -Brainstorming that sparks a profitable business idea

  -Encouraging and motivational statements

  Their are many ways to meet business people. Join business
  clubs and associations. Participate in online business 
  related forums, e-mail discussion groups, and chat rooms. 
  Go to business expos and trade shows. There are other ways, 
  use your creativity to come up with more.


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  If you have the time, start your own networking group. You
  could hold meetings at a local seminar room, at a park , or
  at your own business building.  If you want to hold meetings
  online use a private chat room. Publish a print or e-mail
  newsletter to keep members informed of meeting time and

  Keep all your business associates' contact information all in
  one place. Have it organized by business type or profession
  for easy finding. So when you need some advice on a new
  marketing campaign you can call that marketing expert you
  met at that trade show in Ohio a couple of weeks ago.

  Networking is a surefire way to build a successful business.
  I have used it countless times and will continue too. I have
  also met a lot of business people who are now some of  my
  closest friends.

   Written by Larry Dotson, Owner Of  L.D. Publishing
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