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Posted on October 5, 1999

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         >>  Little Known Secrets of HTML  <<

  October 5th, 1999                      *** ISSUE #66 ***

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             .....TODAY'S ARTICLE.....

           Little Known Secrets of HTML

  By Chris Small

  In Marketing, appearances can make a huge difference. 
  Professional looking web pages will make more sales 
  than so so looking pages. Likewise, the image that the 
  URL of a web page portrays can make a huge difference 
  in the amount of click throughs that it gets. Those 
  long affiliate addresses may point to a professional 
  looking page, but you might not be getting all the 
  click throughs that you should.

  Compare the following addresses and then decide which 
  one you are more apt to click on:

  Not a tough decision, is it. Just for readability alone, 
  the second one wins. 

  Okay, now that you're convinced let's talk about how to 
  do it. 

  For some time now I knew that I really had to tackle 
  this job, but wasn't looking forward to it. After all, 
  it involves editing html code. I'd rather write my ezine 
  or answer emails.  What a pleasant surprise I had to find 
  that the job was completed in just a few short minutes. 
  It is actually a very easy thing to do.

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  For this example we are going to assume that you belong 
  to an affiliate program that sells toasters (I'm not 
  aware of any in existence).

  Here are the steps:

  1) Create a new page in your Web page editing program. 
  You should title it something like

  2) Go into the html code editor of your program (unless 
  of course you are creating it from straight html).

  3) Delete all codes that are already there.

  4) Copy the following code and paste it into your html 

  <meta http-equiv="refresh"
  content="0; url=

  The only change that you will want to make to the above 
  code for your real affiliate program is to replace 
  /clickthru.cgi?id=you" with the actual address to your 
  own page affiliate program. Don't forget to include your 
  unique identity at the end so that the affiliate program 
  software can credit you with the business that comes in 
  from your efforts.

  5) Change the address on your advertising to reflect the 
  new, professional address that you have just created for 
  your affiliate programs.

  There is another possibility for this coding. You can track 
  your site traffic more efficiently. What if you had just 
  created three ads for your affiliate program and you wanted 
  to test them before investing a lot of money into promoting 
  them. How could you use this method to do that? 

  Easy! Just create three separate redirect pages. They could 
  be named:,, and

  You would then cue the URL's with the three different ads 
  and you've got a bulletproof tracking system for your test 

  There is another variation to this method. Instead of 
  creating a new page for each ad you can keep the original 
  address and simply insert a question mark after the .htm 
  (or .html) and add your own ad codes. Here is an example:

  This will not affect the actual link address location. 
  However many stats programs will read it so you can see 
  the results of your ad testing in the statistics.

  Chris Small is a cyber entrepreneur and host of the very 
  successful 'World Deal Center'. He may be reached at His main website is

  Chris invites you to sample his ezine The "World of Deals"
  for FREE. To receive your copy just send an email with 
  "Subscribe World of Deals" in the subject... or go to and enter your 
  email address.

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