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    November 21, 1998                    Newsletter #6
    This week's article:     We All Start Somewhere...
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             .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....
               We All Start Somewhere...
    There is a great misconception that anyone with a 
    website has massive knowledge of the web.  I, for 
    one, held that notion for over two years.
    But the fact is that when you begin a page to page 
    search of the web you begin to see that the majority 
    of sites are hosted by a smaller circle of webmaster 
    firms or home based design company's.
    Which brings me to my point.  Far too many folks are 
    exactly like I was. Intimidated by the entire web 
    page making process.  And completely overwhelmed by 
    the vastness of the huge black hole that's called The 
    Internet.  So much so, that for two years I only used 
    my web host connection to get email.
    I place myself in the category of overwhelmed and 
    underknowledged. Having just introduced myself to 
    my first computer in January 1995, I felt totally 
    helpless in the foreign cyber world.  And visualized 
    myself making every error known to man.  Whenever I 
    could finally overcome my anxiety and get on the 
    internet, I could picture myself blowing up my 
    computer or crashing through the back door of the 
    secret service or maybe even something worse.
    It was this exasperating fear of the unknown that 
    kept me from even considering making my own presence 
    known on the web via my own website.
    Then came spamming.  (I neither condemn nor condone).
    And many new offers and options started showing in 
    my email.  Some of them offered free web page sites. 
    FREE???  Never heard of such.  You just don't get 
    free things anywhere.  But there it was...advertised 
    day after day.  FREE!!! 
    So, I finally took the plunge.  And after a couple 
    of hours I was able to see my own creation sitting 
    right there on my screen. Crude, yes.  Simple, 
    certainly.  But it had color and moving flashing 
    things.  And most was mine!
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    Since that time I have toyed, made, remade, and 
    destroyed hundreds of websites.  And spent countless 
    hours inventing ways to create the different look 
    or feel of a page.  Mostly, for a year I spent my 
    time with visions of creating my own personal world 
    of wealth with some fantastic website offer that 
    the world just couldn't refuse.
    Then one day (last April) in my home library 
    (everyone knows where a man's home library is) I 
    had a thought.  Why not become a classifieds 
    reseller?  Everything I needed was already available 
    on the web.  And for the first time in 3 years I 
    developed a small home business that made an instant 
    profit.  (You can see a sample at:
    Suddenly I saw myself as some sort of webmaster. 
    Confidence exuded from my pores.  With each waking 
    day I knew that I had created my own success on the 
    web.  I had learn how to take from the internet.  
    Now what?
    Well, with my newfound success  I had gained the 
    time and bravado to  really go looking through this 
    wondrous WebWorld.  And what did I see?
    A whole new trend of goodwill and giving that I 
    immediately realized I wanted to be a part of.  
    The web had silently become an open-armed society 
    with so many webmasters freely giving away their 
    fantastic secrets and talents of making the 
    complicated look simple.
    Invaluable things that only a year ago would have 
    cost a vast fortune. Now being freely placed on 
    websites and in newsletters (ezines) at little or 
    no cost.  For all to see,  have and use. 
    Things such as where to get hundreds of free page 
    backgrounds and graphics.  Where to get professional 
    advise on script writing and advertising.  Advise 
    on how to market - what to market - and even where 
    to market.  (Some major corporations pay hundreds 
    of thousands for this professional advice and services.  
    Yet, here it all was - on the internet - for free.)
    Even fantastic tools for creating banners, animation, 
    chat areas, and search engine/link submissions, low 
    cost merchant account handling (visa/mastercard) and 
    shopping carts.  With a minimal search effort you could 
    find just about anything necessary to operate a 
    business or personal site.  And like I said, the bulk 
    of it is FREE!.
    This new trend of giving and sharing has become the 
    greatest wave the WebWorld has ever seen.  Completely 
    different than the dog eat dog outer world.  The 
    WebWorld is showing the true spirit of human kind.  
    A world of caring and sharing.
    As I said before," I wanted to be a part of this 
    great feeling of giving." And while in attempt to 
    do this, I have run across so many wonderful people 
    and places that the free site creation I was developing 
    took about 3 times longer than I anticipated.  Why?  
    Because you get so many new ideas and opportunities 
    coming at you, as you open each new website door, 
    that your mind can hardly focus on what you originally 
    came to the site for.  Is this a burden or a blessing?
    Well, I'll say it to you this way.  Nothing on this 
    earth beats an open mind. If you can allow yourself 
    to freely float through the never ending delites of 
    creative endeavors that the millions of sites offer 
    in the web.  You are guaranteed to find your interest 
    and desires fulfilled.  And you will gain all the 
    knowledge you'll ever need to become a top webmaster 
    with your own personality displayed for all to see 
    at your site.
    And if you are looking for a way to create an additional 
    income but don't have the resources or funds to build 
    your own special business...then look at the various 
    reseller (also known as affiliate and associate) 
    opportunities. They have already done the hard work 
    by finding a product that fills a need.  All you do 
    is help promote it and make money! 
    Then again, if you have the time and resources to 
    promote your own special product(s) or service, you 
    will find every tool from credit card handlers to 
    mass promoters, ready and willing to help you get 
    your new business off to a running start.
    And the great thing is that regardless of your 
    personal status...the web puts you on equal grounds 
    with the largest companies and corporations. Because 
    time and again it has already proven out that the 
    personal touch works better on the web than the 
    greatest advertising site ever made.
    So, if you are one of those backwards folks (like 
    I was) and are still standing silently in the background 
    looking out in wonder and amazement at the beautifully 
    displayed talents of others... then come out of your 
    shell . 
    Punch up your search engine and get going.  Look up 
    banners, credit cards, cgi, web hosts, chat room, 
    composers and any of a hundred other things that will 
    give you all the information you need to be the 
    greatest webmaster of all.
    Look up and subscribe to ezines and newsletter that 
    offer your thousands of dollars worth of professional 
    insiders tips and talents.
    Join host groups and chat areas that deal with 
    internet marketing.  And use free facilities like 
    my site that offers links to help you create and 
    promote your site.  Get the spirit.  Get the guts.  
    And get involved in this electronic unity of mankind.
    Take your first step now because never in history 
    has there been such a tremendous opportunity for 
    the individual to be a part of the whole.  The web 
    has made it all possible.  Good Luck!
    Dan Adams, Mktg. Mg.
    Buyers n' Barters -Virtual Office at:
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