Posted on November 14, 1998

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    November 14, 1998                     Newsletter #5
    This week's article: 
    Advertising simply by having a website !!?
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             .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....
        Advertising simply by having a website !?!
    I can't tell you how many times, as the owner of 
    a web hosting company, the phone rings and the person 
    on the other end of the line breathlessly tells me 
    they are ready to start their online business with 
    their very own website.  They usually tell us they 
    want a website so they can advertise their business 
    online.  Being somewhat of a debater and suspecting 
    their answer, I usually ask them what kind of online 
    advertising they plan to do and they almost always 
    respond by saying that they are going to advertise 
    by having a website!
    Silly me! That's how it works! You just slap a website 
    up there on the 'ole Internet and away you go!
    I don't really want to lose business by dousing 
    fantasy retardent on their dreams, but I usually 
    can't resist the temptation to tell them the 
    flat-out truth about website marketing. If you 
    are serious about using your website to market 
    your business, you are then going to end up 
    spending almost as much money and effort marketing 
    your website as you would have spent marketing 
    your business. Of course, your website usually 
    becomes synonymous with your business so at least 
    you won't have to spend the money and effort twice.
    Most new website owners have the mistaken impression 
    that by having a website they will get to advertise 
    to 70 million people worldwide for less than $40 per 
    month! However, they usually forget to ask themselves 
    how these 70 million people will know to go to their 
    website.  Every now and then a client will surprise 
    me by calling to say they are getting 5-6 orders a 
    week from their new website. I find this quite 
    astounding after learning they have done no advertising 
    or marketing whatsoever.  They, however, think 
    business is slow! I tell them how many people we 
    know who have had websites up for months before 
    they get just one order.
    The fact is, that in most cases, a website could 
    sit there for years without bringing you a single 
    customer - unless you vigorously promote it. Yes, 
    your website is available for 70 million people 
    worldwide to view. But, how will they become aware 
    of its existence if it is not promoted? A website 
    is a wonderful marketing tool.  However, to make 
    it work for you, you must stop thinking of it as 
    "free advertising".
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    high-traffic websites. We, as a website hosting company, 
    can find hundreds of advertising opportunities for 
    our own business on the Internet. These same opportunities 
    exist for almost every industry and product line. 
    Typically, we will tightly target our ads to sites 
    that focus on subjects of interest to people who
    have or are looking to have their own website. For 
    instance, there are sites that freely distribute cgi 
    scripts. Well, the only people who even know what  
    cgi scripts are, most likely have their own or manage 
    a website. (You will most likely never need a cgi 
    script unless you have or manage a website)! When 
    they see our ad, there is a good chance they will 
    click on it and visit our site -- either to see how 
    we stack up against their current host - or to see 
    if we would make a good host for a planned site.  
    This is just an example for our particular industry 
    - but these same opportunities exist for almost every 
    Too many people want a website because they think 
    it will give them free advertising. It is certainly 
    possible to generate free word-of-mouth on the 
    Internet and if you're smart you can find plenty 
    of places where you can mention your site yourself 
    -- at no charge - but nothing beats paid advertising 
    when you really want to get serious about building 
    your online business. To be successful on the web, 
    you have to get the concept of "free advertising" out 
    of your mind. Douse those flames of "freedom", my 
    With paid advertising you are guaranteed that a 
    certain number of people will see or click on your 
    ad.  When we really want to generate hundreds of 
    eyeballs in a short period of time (thus increasing 
    sales during that period), we will buy online advertising.  
    It's the only way to guarantee a jump in hits. And, if 
    you're serious about your online business you have to 
    get serious about generating traffic. If you have the 
    mindset that you're on the internet because it makes 
    promoting your business cost-free -- you are seriously 
    risking website failure.
    As a hosting company, we try to make owning a website 
    inexpensive enough that the cost is negligible for 
    most small business people. To get the full benefit 
    of this global medium, however, you have to promote 
    your site in a strategic and consistent way, without 
    fear of spending - yes - MONEY! on advertising, or 
    even the negligible monthly hosting fee will become 
    a costly burden.
    Jonathan Cousar
    LazyLizard Internet, Inc.
    (212) 545-8535
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