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New Google Algorithm Released: The "Pigeon" Takes Flight

Posted on August 1, 2014

Every time Google mentions releasing a new algorithm, the business world quivers in fear down to their collective search engine optimization souls. What will it mean to search listing results now? Where will my business rank in the search listings? Will this new algorithm mercilessly punish my business website to place me within the murky depths of spam material?

These are just a few of the worries that business owners mutter when turning on their computer screens. Google hasn't released too much information about the new algorithm release. They haven't even placed a name to it yet. All that they have said is that this algorithm will have an impact on local search engine rankings, and that it ties in with their web search capabilities as it is supposed to improve location ranking parameters for the user, according to Search Engine Land.

The online marketing industry has named this new algorithm, "The Pigeon" as it may be considered a massive change that will affect most businesses. Google Maps and Google Web are the two search result areas where people can see Pigeon's algorithm changes at the moment.

What Pigeon's Maiden Flight Will Mean To The Business World?

Google's Pigeon update strives to tie in all the ranking signals that Google uses to list their search result pages. It will focus on search features such as Knowledge Graph, synonyms and spelling correction to further hone local search results so users have a more defined and relevant experience. So if a user is looking for dry-cleaning services in their area on their smartphone, Google's search results will show a more accurate localized listing. The Google update is only for US English results. When this update will roll out to other countries has been keep quiet by Google so far.

We've become used to Google's algorithm releases that are put forward to attack the spam littering the Internet at every angle and the poorly devised SEO practices, according to Digital Journal. Yet it has become obvious that Pigeon is more geared toward affecting local search results as marketing companies everywhere are diving into Pigeon to test out what changes are occurring.

Some important things that have been discovered is that Google remains focused on producing better search results for its users. Local businesses will either see an increase or decrease in their website visibility, which will lead to the inevitable increase or decrease in referrals, leads and ultimate sales. This factor could be a godsend for small businesses who have struggled to be seen in the local search results. Yet it could also mean that they may drop off the proverbial map into oblivion.

As always, we can expect Google to tweak the Pigeon algorithm during the next several weeks before more information is leaked out. Hopefully, we will get additional data about the number of queries that will become impacted by the changes. We also hope to hear what new web spam algorithms were deployed through Pigeon that will further affect how businesses conduct their marketing practices as Google seeks for more relevant and useful content to offer its users.

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