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  May 18th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #32 ***

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      Turn Your Potential Customers into Sales! 

  By Curtis Stevens

  Do you receive questions about your products or services 
  via email? When someone emails you regarding your products 
  or services, you can email them back with your special 
  offers and turn those people into sales! 
  It's not as hard as you think. Just respond to the message 
  like a normal email. If they do not buy within a few weeks, 
  I would suggest sending them your special offers.  First 
  you need to create a folder in your email program and name 
  it "Potential Customers" or something similar.  This will 
  be the folder where you need to keep all the emails of the 
  people that have contacted you about your services or 
  products.  This will keep all your emails sorted and will 
  save you time and energy if you are organized.
  When it's time, you can email those people and dramatically 
  increase your sales within no time at all. I would suggest 
  replying to each message individually, and post your message 
  right after their message. You can have your email layout 
  setup to send to every customer, but I would suggest changing 
  one thing. To make your email more powerful and to get better 
  results, I would personalize the message by saying something 
  like "Hi Joe Black". Then have the rest of the email the same 
  or you can implant their name again somewhere in the message 
  if you want. By doing it this way, you have a better chance 
  of the customer looking at the offer and it looks more 

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  When your customers contact you, they are showing that they 
  are interested in your services or products. I would only 
  suggest sending them emails that are about your products or 
  services and nothing else. 
  What I would suggest and what I have tried is sending them 
  a special offer. If you are having a discount, giving 
  something away free with an order or just having a special 
  offer just for them, this is the perfect way. I would 
  suggest making the offer for a limited time. Give them a 
  deadline so they have a reason to act NOW. The customers 
  are already interested and might be ready to order but are 
  not sure. When you send a special time limited offer, it 
  gives them that one reason they need to buy NOW. 
  We have used this method with our service and we have seen 
  some really good results. We sent out an email to our list, 
  50 people, and personalized each email. It took a few hours, 
  but is was worth it. We took 50% off of our prices and we 
  received an order on 5/13/1999 from someone that contacted 
  us in December 1998!  That was six months ago!  See the 
  power this can give you?  You can still receive some orders 
  from people that have contacted you months ago, or a year!
  If you try this and you do not receive any results, then 
  try to make another offer. This time, mention that the 
  other offer is still standing and you have sweetened the 
  deal with another offer. Also tell them they must order 
  by a certain date to receive both special offers. If you 
  do not make it a time limited offer, then the results 
  will not be as good as those of an offer you send with 
  a time limit. Why not start saving those emails and start 
  turning those emails into sales!
  *Tip*  To make your email look more professional and to 
  get more attention, use a different color besides black, 
  for the text and bold the important words in the email.  
  Do not make it look like a spam message, but a professional 
  To see the first and second email we used to send to our 
  customers, please go here: 
  Article by Curtis Stevens

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