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        >> A Lesson On Time Management <<

  May 11th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #31 ***

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          .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

           A Lesson On Time Management

  by James R. Beach

  Internet Marketing takes a great deal of time, 
  even if you automate as many functions as you 
  can.  Never seems like there's enough time to 
  do everything, does it?

  Well let's take a class in time management.  
  Walk into the classroom, choose a desk near 
  the back (like you did in school), slip into 
  the seat and take your pencil and notepad out 
  of your backpack.

  The professor walks into the room carrying an 
  empty 10-gallon water jug and dragging an 
  obviously heavy bag.  He places them on the 
  teacher's desk. Without a word, he begins 
  placing white rocks, just big enough to fit 
  through the mouth of the jug, into the jug 
  until they reach the very top.  "Is it full?" 
  he asks.  You nod.

  "Maybe not," he says.  He then stuffs tiny 
  pebbles into the jug and the pebbles find 
  their way through the cracks in the rock.
  "Full now?" he asks.  The whole class nods.


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  He then shovels sand into the jug, occasional-
  ly shaking the jug, and the tiny grains sift 
  through the rocks and pebbles.  "OK," he says, 
  "now is it full?" The class nods in unison.

  He smiles.  He then slowly pours water into the 
  jug until a water glass is finally empty.

  "The lesson here," he says, "is that there is 
  always more room in our lives than we think 
  there is.  When you think you're out of time, 
  there is still more available if you look for 

  Here's the time-saving payoff:

  The ROCKS are the important things we have to 
  accomplish regularly to be successful.  They 
  go into our "time jug" first, because they are 
  most important.  The PEBBLES represent those 
  things we may not like  to do, but we must do. 
  They go in next. The SAND represents things 
  that we should do, we may even like to do, but 
  they're not as important. The WATER represents 
  the few remaining things that make a difference. 
  If you reverse the order, putting in the water, 
  then the sand, then the pebbles, there will not 
  be enough room for the rocks.  So prioritize 
  your activities and make sure the rocks go on 
  your schedule first.

  Mr. Beach is a 22-year corporate marketing veteran 
  who has taught marketing classes at the university 
  level. Jim's company, SandDollar Marketing Group 
  , specializes in locating 
  scam-free and guaranteed business opportunities on 
  the internet. To see his recommended opportunities, 
  get free marketing reports or a free website, 

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