Posted on March 30, 1999

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            >> A Web Success Story <<

  March 30th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #24 ***


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           .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

                A Web Success Story

  By Iris Smith

  My name is Iris Smith.  I am a 34-year-old homemaker with 
  two young children who decided the Web was the best way 
  that I could reenter the work force . My husband David 
  introduced me to John Hsu a few years back and stated we 
  should start a Silk Retail business together.  At that 
  time I thought he was nuts! Two kids, no time, deterio-
  rating brain cells it just could not happen. David was 
  persistent and repeatedly mentioned the Internet as a 

  After some research I decided he might be on to something.  
  I could refresh my brain cells by thinking past diapers. 
  I could create my own schedule, juggling the needs of my 
  children with the needs of the business, and doing some-
  thing that I love to do. I love silk and believe in it.

  It took a year for the plan to fall into place.  John and 
  I decided to become partners and offer Silk Lingerie 
  on the Internet. Meetings & brainstorming with my partner 
  John Hsu.  Building & rebuilding the website with my 
  terrific webmaster, Dan at Synapse Imaging.  It all started 
  falling into place. My partner has all the production 
  experience and knowledge we needed.  I worked with Sales 
  & Marketing , Retail Designers.  It was a perfect match.

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  The internet allowed us to eliminate the overhead costs 
  of opening a store. It has enabled us to have Top Quality 
  products at a very affordable price. We started with a 
  small inventory of ladies silk lingerie.  Too many sites, 
  catalogs, & retailers don't use pure silk yet charge high 
  prices.  We wanted to provide high quality goods, service 
  & savings over the other retailers.

  We pride ourselves on listening to our consumers needs. 
  Thanks to the power of the web, our clients can stay in 
  touch, letting us know their needs.  Men love to shop 
  quickly & privately, Women love to be able to browse at
  a site that does not insult them.  Satisfying both was 
  certainly a challenge.

  Website built, Inventory in Hands, now what?  We worked 
  too hard to just watch a pretty site.  We needed customers!  
  Nightly I spent hours submitting my site to search engines, 
  and free classified ads. I started receiving newsletters.  
  I read them all and dismissed the useless ones.  I kept 
  the rest, learning & appreciating advice from better ones 
  like yours.  Slowly we saw our mailing list grow & grow, 
  then the orders started coming in, slowly at first, then 
  faster and faster..  The hours of plugging away, reading 
  advice, inputting our site over  & over finally started 
  paying off.

  Tonight, after tucking the kids safely into bed, I sit at 
  my computer and process the days catalog requests, orders 
  and answering customer questions. As I prepare to meet 
  the needs for upcoming Mother's Day orders.  I feel very 
  successful.  Thanks to good advice, hard work, and the "WEB", 
  we were able to create a quality and honest business that 
  consumers realize they can trust.

  Iris Smith 
  Article by Iris Smith
  Iris Silks

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