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  March 26th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #23 ***


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          Make Your Customers Comfortable!

  (c) 1999 Curtis Stevens

  The most important thing to do to get your customers to 
  purchase your service or product, is to make them feel 
  comfortable.  When people go to a store to buy something, 
  they are not worried about the store ripping them off.  
  They feel comfortable by the name of the store, or because 
  they can actually see the store, the workers and how it 
  Anyone can build a web site and start a business.  
  That is why it's so easy for someone to scam people out 
  of money.  You have to be careful because you really don't 
  know who the person is that owns the site.  It can be 
  someone that will take your money and run.  Most people 
  are very cautious about buying things on the net.  To make 
  your customers more comfortable about buying your service 
  or product, you can do the following.
  1.  Have a 30, 60, or 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  If you want to become successful with anything, you have 
  to stand behind your product or service.  People want to 
  get their money back if they are not happy and you can't 
  satisfy everyone.  Offering a 30, 60, or 90 Day Guarantee, 
  will make the customer feel more comfortable.  If you ever 
  have someone that wants a refund, you have to stand up to 
  your word and refund their money.  The guarantee on your 
  site isn't worth anything until you live up to it.  If you 
  refund the customer's money, then you will receive respect 
  from them.
  2.  Have Competitive Prices!
  When you sell your product or service, make sure your prices 
  are competitive. Charging too much can do several things.  
  It can point the customer away. It can make you lose business, 
  and can decrease the amount of sales you get. If your prices 
  are above average, then you need to make sure you express your 
  strengths in customers support and quality of your product or 


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  3.  Have a Professional Site!
  Your site is like your store front.  First appearance can 
  mean getting the sale or loosing it.  You want your site to 
  be professional, clean, and easy to navigate.  Your site is 
  like your $1,000,000 store, so make it look like that.  People 
  will feel more comfortable about buying something from you, 
  if you give off a  professional image.
  4.  Have Quality Customer Service!
  When potential clients contacts you, try to respond to them 
  as fast as possible. Also make sure you answer their questions 
  fully, and professionally.  You want to sound like an executive 
  officer.  Treat your client like they are a king or queen.   
  5.  Use Your Past Customers' Testimonies!
  Use your past customers' testimonies.  Leave their contact 
  information with the testimony.  This will give the customer 
  a chance to talk with your past customers and find out how 
  great your service or product is by first hand experience.  
  You can make a whole page for your testimonies, or can put 
  them throughout your site.  Do you buy things if your friends 
  recommend them?
  6.  Offer a Free Trial Period!
  If you are able to offer a free trial period with your service 
  or product, then you have a very big advantage against your 
  competition.  Try to have it setup so it will not cost them 
  anything right at first.  Let them use your service or product 
  for a trial period and if they are happy, charge their card.  
  This will increase your sales, but can also increase the amount 
  of scamsters you see trying to use you. You might also want to 
  make a contract to fit your needs if required.
  7.  Have a Contact Page!
  People are afraid to give out their credit card.  If you have a 
  contact page or on your index page that has your company contact 
  information, it gives the customer something to believe in.  It 
  shows that you really exist, and gives them the opportunity to 
  look you up in the Better Business Bureau.  If they do it, it will 
  really make them feel safe, because the BBB is a very well trusted 
  business organization that shows off good solid companies.  It also 
  gives the customer a chance to find out how to contact you if they 
  ever need help, if they decided to purchase your service or product.
  8.  Name Brand!
  If you sell a product or service that has a good reputation, then 
  try to use the name as a selling point.  Most people usually choose 
  one product over another because of the name, and the reputation it 
  has.  If you don't have a big name brand, then try to build a 
  reputation with customer service.  Treat everyone professional and 
  they will talk about you.  This way, you will build your own 
  reputation, and people will respect your company.
  There are many techniques that you can use to make the customer 
  feel comfortable. Try to make the customer feel as relaxed as 
  possible.  This will make them buy more.

  Article by Curtis Stevens
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