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Posted on March 23, 1999

  The Add Me! Newsletter           *** ISSUE #22 ***
  "Free tips for promoting your website"
  Add Me, Inc         

     >>  Promoting Your Site with an E-Zine  <<

  March 23rd, 1999                   *** ISSUE #22 ***


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           .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

         Promoting Your Site with an E-Zine

  So now you have a Web site and you think your job is done, 
  all you have to do now is kick back and watch that counter 
  roll. Well, I've got news for you , you better think again. 
  "If you build it, they won't necesarily come", not without 
  constant promotion and marketing efforts on your part. You 
  should set apart a small amount of time a day that is devoted 
  to just doing that.

  When I first started on the Net almost three years ago I had 
  no knowledge of how to attract visitors or customers to a site. 
  Well, after much surfing and a lot of cramped fingers, I 've 
  come up with a few ideas that really work. Ezines, or electronic 
  newsletters as some call them are a great tool.

  A newsletter is a good way to keep in touch with visitors of 
  your site and it also keeps your site fresh in their minds. When 
  people sign up for your newsletter they do so willingly for the 
  Free information and quality content you will be sending them. 
  This scratches your back as well as your guests, first you have 
  access to your visitors E-Mail addresses, real people who are 
  interested in your products and or services, and it gives your 
  visitors valuable information and a reminder of your existence 
  on the Web. Never sell your E-mail lists and reassure your 
  visitors that you will keep their information private.



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  Another way to attract traffic is by publishing ads in other 
  newsletters about your site, some can be posted for Free and others 
  charge only a small fee. Your best best is to place ads with 
  newsletters that have a very large subscription base so your name 
  gets out there in front of as many people as possible. You might 
  even offer to trade ads with other E-Zine owners who are trying to 
  generate traffic. I have done this myself and they are usually more 
  than willing to barter services. What? you don't know what to write 
  about? Well, that's not a problem there are many sites on the Net 
  that archive Free Articles for the taking, just make sure you keep 
  the original authors name and byline go to

  Article writing for other people's newsletters, in a subject you are 
  knowledgeable in, is another great way to bring in the crowds. For 
  your contribution other E-Zine owners will give you a byline with a 
  link to your site, they get content, you get a Free plug. Everybody 

  The best way to find out about places you can post advertising in 
  and authors looking for article writers is to subscribe to many well 
  known E-zines in topics that relate to your site. This will give you 
  the opportunity for advertising your site, and help keep you informed 
  of the latest Internet Happenings and other helpful marketing and 
  promotion sites. To find E-zines that relate to your topic visit

  Another overlooked way to promote your newsletter is to add subscribe 
  information to your E-Mail signatures, very easy, and it packs a 
  punch.  Some people spend all of their time trying to get the best 
  placement in search engines, but by exerting your marketing efforts 
  into some of the other Web Promotion ideas, traffic will start rolling 
  in, and that's something you can bank on.

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