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  March 19th, 1999                  *** ISSUE #21 ***


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           .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....


  by Diane Standish

  Surveys show that headlines have the power to increase responses
  by 1700%. In the offline world, companies pay ad agencies
  billions of dollars to think up all those "Just Do It" and
  "Where's the Beef?" headlines. The latest winning headline, "Yo
  Quiero Taco Bell", is delivered by a now famous pooch currently
  on his way to movie stardom.

  In the Net world, users are bombarded with headlines for
  everything from software to sofas, vitamins to UFO's. We see
  them everyday in our incoming mailbox, search engines, links
  pages, ezine lists, mailing lists, and classifieds.

  Your number one job is to make sure your headline grabs the
  readers' attention, draws them in and entices them to click NOW.
  Simply put, your headlines must produce immediate action.

  So how do you create headlines that will stand out from the rest?

  First, determine the benefits of your product, service or
  opportunity from the viewpoint of the reader. Be objective.
  Write down the top five benefits as your readers would see them.
  Ask a friend to do the same. Then choose the top five and use
  those as your basis to build your headlines.


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  Let's take a look at five steps to writing "killer" headlines.
  Follow these tips, then test, test, and test again. Re-write,
  adapt, tune-up your headlines - and be creative. You will get a
  tremendous jump-start to your business that will leave your
  competition in the dust.

  1. Attention Grabbing Words
  2. Benefits to Prospects
  3. Motivate with Emotional Attachment
  4. The Curiosity Factor
  5. Require Action - quick and easy solution

  Your headline must compel readers to act on it, so use words
  that grab them. For instance:

  "Save $50 off on our most popular item!"
  "FREE CD with every order!"

  More words that have the power to make the reader act are:
  discover, new, now, proven, healthy, guarantee, fast, solution,
  secret, advice, proven, safe, value, easy, how to, sale, why,
  reason, how the experts, ultimate, sure fire, the art of, and
  money saving.

  Try different combinations and test their effectiveness.

  Your headline, and ad or sales letter, must show the reader the
  benefits of your product, service or opportunity.

  "Lose 10 pounds in 10 days - Ask me how!"
  "Lower your cholesterol. Guaranteed!"
  "7 Secrets to Better Health"

  If readers don't see any benefit for them, they won't follow up.
  If you want prospects to buy something from you, you have to show
  them why. Answer their question "What's in it for me?".

  Get the reader involved right from the start. "You" and "your"
  are two of the most powerful words you can use and they create a
  strong emotional attachment.

  "Your sales will increase in 30 days. Guaranteed!"
  "You will learn the secrets of the stars"

  Tease the readers' curiosity to compel them to look at your

  "Suddenly I'm driving a Porsche!"

  It's much easier, and your payoff will be much greater, if you
  offer a solution to a problem. Simply listing the features of
  your product or service won't evoke an immediate response. Your
  headlines must create a quick, immediate reaction.

  "Sure fire way to save $100 on long distance calls"
  "Five Steps to a New You"
  "25 Quick Beauty Fixes"


  I'm not a big fan of the negative approach in headlines - the
  "warning" tactic just creates a sense of doom. Stick to the
  positive approach and you'll be far better off.


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  Make sure your product or service backs up your headline. If
  you say something is free, make sure it is. Don't advertise a
  benefit or solution that just doesn't exist or doesn't have
  a proven track record.  You will lose all credibility and waste
  your time and money.

  Make your headlines believable.  "Earn $30,000 per week!" just
  screams rip-off. (The stakes are going up - it used to be 3 or
  4,000 per week).

  Be original - be creative. "Stop Paying Rent" flyers have been
  hanging on apartment doors for years. A friend recently showed me
  one - "Quick! Read this before your landlord sees it" - that's
  sure to spark some interest.

  Use testimonials - "Voted # 1 by PCWORLD!" will definitely attract

  Want a great place to learn more about headlines? Head down to
  your favorite store and browse through the magazine section. Soon
  you'll be critiquing the experts.

  And last, to borrow a classic example:
  Two hitchhikers stand alongside a highway. One holds a sign "New
  York", the other "Mom's for Christmas". Who do you think will get
  the ride?

  Diane Standish is Publisher of the eCave NetGazette. She has
  15 years of marketing experience, both off and online in
  computer and business services. To subscribe to the NetGazette
  send email to subject: subscribe
  netgazet or visit eCave Internet Services at

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