Posted on March 16, 1999

  The Add Me! Newsletter           *** ISSUE #20 ***
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     >> You have created a web page, Now what? <<

  March 16th, 1999                  *** ISSUE #20 ***


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           .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

       You have created a web page, Now what?

  Tip 1
  Your Audience
  Cater to your audience.  You know your audience best.  
  Create a special introduction page on your site which 
  sets the mood for your site.
  Tip 2
  Remind visitors to Bookmark,  As obvious as that seems, 
  it can not be emphasized enough.  It is becoming more 
  and more established that it takes between 4-5 visits 
  to a web site before a purchase is made.  So remind 
  visitors in big bold letters to bookmark your site.  
  Tip 3
  Up-date your site regularly
  If your visitors come back a few times and see that 
  nothing has changed, the relationship you are trying 
  to establish is likely to come to an end.  It is 
  important to add fresh content, up-date time sensitive
  information and offer something "new" for your visitors 
  when they do return.


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  Tip 4
  Feature Stories
  Consider adding feature stories which fit in with the 
  theme(s) of your site.  Consider offering  free ad 
  space for payment of a good story.
  Tip 5
  You MUST use a spell checker on every page in your site.  
  One of the things that will chase a visitor away fast is 
  finding mis-spelled words. It shows a lack of professionalism.
  Tip 6
  Stay informed
  There are some outstanding e-mail lists and newsletters 
  to subscribe to that are not only great forums for 
  discussion on doing business on the internet, but also 
  provide useful advice on promoting your web site.  Keep 
  up with these, and you will be an expert before you know 
  Tip 7
  Search Engines
  You can spend hours or days submitting your site to all the
  search engines, or use a submission service.  Most of them 
  let you submit to a few engines and then charge you to submit 
  to all the heavy hitters. Search engines are only one small 
  way to advertise your site and should not be relied on 
  Tip 8
  Banner Advertising
  Now here is another inexpensive way to advertise you site.  
  If you use a banner exchange program, like SmartClicks, or 
  LinkExchange you can get your site seen by a larger audience.
  Tip 9
  Start a newsletter and ask people to sign up for it from your 
  site.  It will take some time, but if the content is good  you 
  will get more subscriptions from referrals.  You can also get 
  opt-In lists from reputable sites, that will allow you to start 
  sending the newsletter out in bulk.  But remember this will cost 
  you a certain amount per name.
  Tip 10
  Affiliate programs are another way to get your site seen.  There 
  are many programs, ( ( (, 
  etc.  You will have to search around for the one that will give 
  you the best exposure.  Some will pay you when someone clicks on 
  their banner and most, if they purchase you will  get a commission 
  from the sale.

  Congratulations and Good Luck,

  Article by: L. Saiter , of  4Todayswomen a e-zine for women,  
  Women's World  a weekly newsletter and  LD-Assoc. a site about 
  Dyslexia & Learning Disabilities.  Ms.  Saiter has spent many 
  years both in the Legal and Educational fields and for the 
  last two years she has brought her expertise to the Web

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