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  March 12th, 1999                  *** ISSUE #19 ***


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           .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

    Links and How They Help Increase Your Web Traffic

  What is a link? 

  A link is a connecting point from one webpage to another. By 
  clicking on a link it takes you to the webpage it is pointing to.

  Why do I need to be concerned about links?

  Well, the more websites that have a link to your website the more 
  traffic you can get. To use a toaster website for example, let's 
  say there are 30 links to other websites pointing to the toaster 
  website. You may be thinking it's only 30 links. But what if the 
  web pages that those links are on each get accessed by 20 people 
  a day. That's 600 people a day that can go to your website from 
  those links and if 25% percent of those people actually came to 
  your website which is 150 people and let's say for arguments sake 
  10% of those people bought toasters from the website. That's 15 
  toasters sold a day and 105 toasters a week. That's a lot of 
  toasters! (Remember, your website is your store, which is open to 
  the public 24 hours a day - 7 days a week)

  Ok, so how do I get links on other sites? 

  First, you have to figure out who your public is, then surf the net 
  to find websites that reach your public. Back to the toaster website 
  example, to obtain links for the toaster website, I would surf the 
  net to find sites that cater to my public like appliance directories,
  webzines or web magazines that have to do with toasters and/or any 
  other type of websites that would cater to my public of people that 
  buy toasters.


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  There are two types of links you can obtain, free and to pay for them.


  Once I have found the websites that I would like to have a link put 
  on , I would contact the webmaster and ask them if they would be 
  willing to put a link on their website back to my website, and in 
  exchange I would put a link to their website on my toaster website. 
  This is called exchanging links. Most people are pretty nice about 
  it and are willing to put a link on their website in exchange for 
  you to put a link on your website. You can also add a webpage on 
  your website and dedicate it to websites that have exchanged links 
  with you, called a links page.


  The other way of getting links on other websites is by paying a 
  monthly fee for them. Links range in price anywhere from $25.00 
  to $10,000.00 a month depending on the website and the traffic 
  the website receives.

  Some people don't want to exchange links on their sites in order 
  to get free links, yet they don't want to pay for links either. 
  These are the only two ways I have found of getting links on other 
  web pages. I mean think about it, if someone approached you to put 
  a link on your website and you are the one that spent the time and 
  money to promote your site to get web traffic to it, are you going 
  to put a link to someone else's site for no exchange back? 

  Frequently Asked Questions:

  Oh, I don't know about exchanging links with other websites. What 
  if I exchange links with other websites and my web traffic leaves 
  my website and goes to the other websites?

  Well, here's a newsflash -
  That's the chance your gonna have to take, if an internet user 
  wants to leave your website regardless of whether you have links 
  to other webpages or not, all they have to do is type in an internet 
  web address into their web browser and hit enter or simply hit the 
  back button on their web browser. You can't force an internet user 
  to stay if they don't want to stay. This is where the question "Is 
  your website effective?" comes in. To answer that question go to: You can read my 
  past article entitled "Is Your Website Effective"?

  Ok- I have a links page with 50 links and I'm getting traffic but 
  I want more links and more traffic. What can I do?

  1) You can obtain more links


  2)You can implement an Affiliate/Associate program. An
  Affiliate/Associate program is a program whereby people link to 
  your website and if an internet user clicks on that link and goes 
  to your website and makes a purchase you pay the owner of that 
  website a commission. It's similar to having an online sales force 
  yet cutting out the expense of training, phone bills, business cards 
  etc. For more information about Affiliate/Associate programs go to:

  A last word about links, the more links you have on other websites 
  the better. The last statistic I found on this was 88% of the users 
  out there find webpages from other webpages. So whether you pay for 
  links or get free links, it's definitely in your best interest to 
  be linked.

  Happy Promoting,

  Kathy Gold

  For past articles about web promotion go to:

  If you have any questions about web promotions or would like to
  contact Digital Gold to help your website promotion take off. 
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