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Latest Search Engine News

Posted on May 22, 2014

Google and Bing gains search market share

According to ComScore, Google has yet again, gained 0.01% of the search market share in the US for the month of April. This ties the record for Google's highest search market share among desktop searches at 67.6%. It may not seem like much, but when you talk about 18.6 billion total searches, it's a big deal. Bing also gained 0.01% in market share, with Yahoo and Ask losing 0.01% each. (

Panda 4.0 has rolled out

Matt Cutts has confirmed the roll out of Panda 4.0. As you may know, Panda is the algorithm update that filters out thin, low quality content on sites, while giving a boost to higher quality content pages. This update supposedly lays a softer and gentler foundation for future Panda algorithm changes. This change affects roughly 7.5% of all English queries.

Google also updates Spam Algorithm 2.0

Google Spam Algorithm, also known as the Payday Loan Algorithm, began rolling out this past weekend. This update turns up the heat and targets some of the more severely spammed industry keywords, such as payday loans and Viagra. This update affects about 0.2% of English queries.

DuckDuckGo relaunches

DuckDuckGo is an up-and-coming search engine that has accepted the challenge of going up against the king of search, Google. Although DuckDuckGo hasn't even scratched the surface in terms of taking any market share from Google, it has steadily grown since its founding. According to DuckDuckGo, they are receiving over 5.5 million direct searches per day. To put into perspective, Google receives over 400 million searches daily. The new version includes new features such as images, local search, auto-suggest, more meanings, recipe search, smarter answers, and more. (

Bitcoin Mining Made Easy and Affordable!

We are proud to introduce, the newest service offering from Trellian. As you may know, Bitcoin is the hottest crypto-currency to take the world by storm. If you have ever thought about investing in Bitcoins, but never had the hardware or know-how to do it, now you can with HostedHash.

HostedHash is a platform that allows investors to mine Bitcoins by virtually "renting" our Bitcoin-optimized hardware and resources without having to spend a fortune. Bitcoin experts understand how complex and expensive it can be to properly set up and maintain a BitCoin mining rig. Now, you don't have to worry about that. All you have to do is sign up for one of our plans and sit back while we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Check it out:

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A Good Alternative to PPC and SEO Traffic

Let's face it. PPC and SEO traffic can get downright expensive or too time-consuming for a beginner to manage properly. So, what else can you do? Sure, there are plenty of cheap traffic providers out there, but they don't provide quality targeted traffic! If we have your attention so far, then keep reading. The type of traffic we're offering is called Direct Navigation Traffic. This type of traffic has been around for quite some time, but most people have never heard of it because it has never gone mainstream. Now it's available to the general public through our Trellian Direct Search Network.

Trellian DSN offers these benefits:
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Steve Baik is the manager of AddMe. He can help you answer any questions you may have in regards to SEO, Internet marketing or buying targeted traffic. Feel free to contact Steve should you have any questions or suggestions.


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