Posted on June 29, 1999

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  June 29th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #41 ***

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                   The Macro View 

  by Chris Small

  If you're reading this article chances are excellent that 
  you are looking at, or participating in the opportunity 
  side of the WWW. The web is still in it's infancy (OK maybe 
  it's a Toddler by now), and who ever can stake their claim 
  right now will continue to flourish well into the next 
  millennium. The successful cyber entrepreneur of today 
  could be the equivalent to the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, 
  Kennedy's, Getty's, Ford's, (etc.) of yesteryear. 

  Lets step out of the micro view for a moment and consider 
  the macro view. This Internet revolution has been compared 
  to the impact that Edisons light bulb or Fords Model T had 
  on the world. Some have even said that the Internet is bigger 
  than the invention of TV or radio. From each of these 
  discoveries have come fantastic opportunities. Complete 
  Industries have sprung up from them. Mammoth fortunes have 
  been made as a result of them. But you really can't compare 
  the Internet to them. These inventions fall far short of the 
  impact that the Internet (as we know it today) will have on 

  A closer comparison would be that of Gutenburgs printing 
  press or the Industrial revolution. You could even compare 
  the computer age and the Internet (as we know it today) to 
  the transformation of early man from a hunter/gatherer to 
  a sower/reaper. Face it, we are living in a pivotal point 
  in human history. We are the privileged few who have the 
  opportunity to capitalize on the greatest technological 
  revolution that this world has ever seen.

  We can observe that historically these revolutions happened 
  over the course of decades and in some cases centuries. As 
  we all know, the Internet revolution is evolving at a 
  dizzying pace. What we see today can be history next year 
  or even next week. Five years from now the Internet will 
  be quite different than most of us can imagine. Where it 
  eventually leads is probably not even clear to the brightest 
  minds of today. However, we are seeing the results of this 
  change in our lifetimes.

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  Certainly nobody realized that they were in the midst of 
  a dramatic historical shift when man discovered the flint 
  and steel, but change they did. We, today have the advantage 
  of all of mans previous experiences and hopefully are much 
  better able to predict the consequences of this next 
  transition. We do understand that it is a significant 
  change, but it may not be apparent how significant until 
  the historians have interpreted it decades or possibly 
  centuries from now.

  OK, back to our micro view again. What should we do? Wait 
  it out and see what happens? Not very wise. When combustion 
  engine farm machinery came along the land owner who didn't 
  have it, couldn't compete and usually lost everything. He 
  may have owned huge tracts of land but he could no longer 
  afford to pay workers to farm it when his neighbor used a 
  tractor. Likewise many of todays business's (and their 
  employees) stand to be bowled over by this digital tidal 
  wave. We need to position ourselves as a surfer who is 
  equipped to ride the wave. We must embrace, it and like the 
  surfing enthusiast that is always looking for the 'really 
  big one', be ready to jump in the water at a moments notice. 
  As they say 'He who hesitates, waits...'

  Whenever major new innovations came along they were generally 
  available only to the elite and not to the common person. 
  When Gutenburgs printing presses started up the average Joe 
  on the street had no access to the end product. When the 
  first few cars rolled off of Fords assembly lines they were 
  not initially attainable to the masses (although that was 
  his dream and mission). But the Internet today is available 
  to more people than were alive at the time of the first 
  printed book. The Internet today is touching more people 
  than had lived up to and including the time of Christ. The 
  Internet today has affected the lives of future generations 
  to come in a profound way that we will only be able to 
  understand after the fact.

  Friend, we have available to us today the power to reach out 
  and influence more people than have existed throughout all of 
  mans combined history. Let us not waste this precious 
  opportunity. If you are reading this, you have the same 
  ability and opportunity as everyone else on this medium. 
  There are no limitations other than your imagination. What 
  will you do with it? Will you use it to create an empire 
  for yourself and your future generations (as many are doing) 
  or will you fail to recognize the potential of a few 
  strategically placed bits and bytes on the computer screens 
  of millions and millions of computer users worldwide. 

  Most people are looking for leaders and innovators. Men and 
  women who aren't afraid to take chances. People who will 
  follow you if they sense that you are firm in your convictions 
  and willing to stand up for them. Did you know that Marconi 
  (the fellow who discovered radio waves) was committed to an 
  insane asylum by his friends before they took him seriously. 
  Today it is cool to be on the cutting edge of change and if 
  you are willing to embrace this rapidly evolving technological 
  beast and tame it to your own purposes... well the world really 
  could be your oyster. 

  If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and work, you have 
  already jumped ahead of most people. The challenge is that 
  most people aren't willing to put in the necessary effort, 
  but then again, that's why it is such a fantastic opportunity 
  for the enlightened few. Consider Thomas Edison and his 
  light bulb. He documented 10,000 experiments before success 
  found him. Was his effort worth it? Without it you wouldn't 
  be reading these words.

  Don't wait, the water temperature has never been better, 
  there's still room for you to make a splash... jump in 
  with both feet, just be prepared to start paddling. This 
  new medium of communication is no respecter of persons. 
  Age, sex, color, religion, size, family background, past 
  history, etc.; it makes no difference to the bits and bytes, 
  they respond as well to you as anybody else. There is only 
  one rule... "Just do it." What you do today could repay you 
  a hundred fold tomorrow.

  Here's what you need to do to get started:

  1) Learn as much as you possibly can. But don't let this 
     slow down your involvement

  2) Create or find a product or service that you can promote 

  3) Jump in. Get yourself a solid Internet presence.

  4) Get busy! Market that product.

  Sounds rather simple doesn't it. In fact it requires a lot of 
  effort, but the steps are simple enough and the rewards are 
  certainly worth it. 

  Article by Chris Small 

  Chris Small is a cyber entrepreneur and host of the very 
  successful 'World Deal Center'. 

  He may be reached at 
  His main website is

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