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            Top 10 Elements of an E-Zine

  by Kate Schultz

     The Nameplate is just what you expect it to be. Your
     E-Zine's nameplate "opens" the issue and includes the
     name of the E-Zine, tag line, dateline and volume or
     issue number. The Nameplate is the first part of your
     E-Zine. It belongs at the top of the E-Zine.
     The table of contents box lets your readers know what to
     expect and the order of the articles in your E-Zine. In
     a text based E-Zine, you cannot refer to page numbers,
     so make sure that your table of contents matches the
     sequence of articles. 
     A personal note from the editor or publisher of the
     E-Zine. This is your opportunity to connect with your
     readers on a personal level. Don't be afraid to show
     your personality! 
     The main feature of your E-Zine. Focus your articles
     around the theme and purpose of your E-Zine.

     Spotlight columns can feature Products, Services or
     Customers. Encourage interaction from your readers by
     asking them for nominations for the Spotlight. When your
     readers submit nominations to you --the article
     practically writes itself.  

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  6. Q & A
     An Ask the Expert column is a popular format in many
     E-Zines. Ask your Customer Service Reps to select
     the most frequently asked questions and provide an
     answer in each issue of your E-Zine.
     Copyright:  The copyright notice should contain the 
     following elements.
     -> The symbol � (the letter in a circle), or the word
     -> The year the work was first published.
     -> The name of the owner of copyright.

     You must make it easy for people to remove their names
     from your mailing list. Include subscribe and
     unsubscribe instructions in each issue.

     If you accept classified advertising in your E-Zine,
     include information to direct your readers to the
     advertising rates and policies for your E-Zine. 

     End your E-Zine with your signature file. A Signature
     File is a standard block of information at the end of an
     e-mail message. Place your signature file at the end of
     your E-Zine to ensure that your readers can reach you.
     It will be visible to all customers, clients, and
     prospects who correspond with you electronically.

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