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Posted on June 18, 1999

  The Add Me! Newsletter           *** ISSUE #38 ***
  "Free tips for promoting your website and business"
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              ...THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE...

         Business-Building Ideas To Help You
        Succeed In On-Line  Network Marketing
           How many do YOU use? (Part Two)

  June 18th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #38 ***

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            .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

         Business-Building Ideas To Help You
        Succeed In On-Line  Network Marketing
           How many do YOU use? (Part Two)

  (Part Two)

  by Jim Beach

  This is the second in a three-part series on network 
  marketing basics.  It is intended to help you start 
  building a large downline in any opportunity you're 
  pursuing.  If even one idea makes the "lightbulb" go 
  off and you say "Ah HAH!" it will be worth your time.

  1. Don't spend so much time recruiting new distributors 
  that you neglect your existing ones.  Keep them on track.  
  Remember, their work is to your benefit as well.

  2. EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS. Give customers more 
  than they expect. Deliver more than you promise.

  3. Believe in your products so much that you see no 
  reason why every person you talk to wouldn't want 
  what you've got.

  4. Answer all complaints immediately. You may not 
  be able to solve it, but acknowledging it is 
  sometimes ALL IT TAKES!

  5. Ask for referrals from every satisfied customer.


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  6. Speak and write enthusiastically about your 
  business  without going so far as to hype it.  
  There is certainly enough of that around and if 
  your product and comp plan is good, it doesn't 
  need hype.

  7. Concentrate your time on projects that produce 
  the highest returns.

  8. Set daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals - 
  and do whatever is necessary to achieve them.

  9. Utilize technology to automate redundant 
  activities so you can concentrate on marketing.  
  Use autoresponders and submission services to 
  save time.

  10. Get a website if you don't have one.  A 
  website is critical in on-line marketing.

  Article by Jim Beach

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