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Posted on June 11, 1999

  The Add Me! Newsletter           *** ISSUE #36 ***
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    >> Cross Promote Online For Maximum Profits <<

  June 11th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #36 ***

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          .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE (2).....

      Cross Promote Online For Maximum Profits

  (c) 1999 L.D. Publishing 
  By Larry Dotson

  Cross promoting is when two or more businesses 
  promote their products or services together. I 
  try to find businesses that have the same target 
  audience, but are not in direct competition with 
  my business. Doing cross promotions with other 
  businesses  increases your profits, sales, and 
  beat your competition.

  You can find businesses to cross promote all 
  over the Internet.  Participate in e-mail 
  discussion groups, online forums and newsgroups 
  that deal with your target audience. Subscribe 
  to e-zines that deal with your targeted audience. 
  Note on your Web site or e-zine that you are 
  interested in cross promoting your products 
  and services.  Search in your favorite web 
  directories and search engines to find targeted 

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  Cross promoting has many benefits.  Save money 
  by sharing the advertising and marketing costs. 
  Save  time when both businesses share the 
  workload.  You can offer your customers new 
  products and services. Get referrals from the 
  other business' clients.  Receive valuable 
  information from the business.

  Once you find a business you would like to cross 
  promote with simply e-mail them your proposal. 
  Tell the business owner the benefits of the cross 
  promotion. Explain to him or her why it would be 
  a win/win situation for both of your businesses. 
  Give them a lot of compliments about their business, 
  Web site, products and services. Using all three 
  methods above will greater your chance for a 
  profitable cross promotion. Good Luck!

  Written by Larry Dotson, Owner Of  L.D. Publishing
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