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  July 20th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #47 ***

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      How To Generate More Traffic To Your Site

  By Chris Small

  Everyday people send me emails asking for specific ways 
  to generate more traffic to their sites. In this article 
  I would like to address some of the areas that most of 
  the questions refer to.

  Traffic is the life blood of any web business and the 
  most obvious place to start is the Search Engines. You 
  will want to personally go to the big Search Engines 
  like Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista, InfoSeek, etc., and place 
  your links and info. After you're finished with the big 
  ones though it really makes sense to use a submission 
  service to reach the hundreds and hundreds of smaller 
  search engines. These little Search Engines can be very 
  valuable sources of niche traffic. 

  Another great way to use Search Engine traffic to your 
  benefit is to actually operate one yourself. It's much 
  easier than you would think and the cost really has come 
  down. You can even recoup the initial cost by selling 
  advertising space on it just like the big guys do. If 
  you'd like more info on this just send me an email.

  Okay, now that you're registered with the search engines 
  how else can you drum up some traffic. Well you can 
  install traffic generating plugins. Quite simply you 
  give people something for FREE. I personally use FREE 
  Reports, FREE Classified ads, FREE PostCards, FREE 
  Reminder Services, FREE For All (FFA) Links Pages and 
  a few others. These tools will bring people into your 
  site and keep them coming back again and again. You do 
  have to promote them though. Yes, go back to the search 
  engines and register these URL's too.

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  The next three methods are my personal favorites and 
  in the past few weeks have generated ten's of thousands 
  of hits to my site and hundreds of new ezine subscribers.

  1) Banner Advertising - Do Banner swaps with other 
  webmasters, participate in a banner exchange program, 
  or buy banner space on high profile sites. The key here 
  is to have a very effective banner. It is advisable to 
  seek professional guidance on the design and wording. 
  There are certain colors and words that will stimulate 
  people to click through your banners.

  Another variation of this is to operate your own Banner 
  Exchanger. You just encourage visitors to put their 
  banner into your system and place the specified code 
  on their web pages. For every page view that comes 
  from their site they get their banner displayed on 
  another site. The beauty of this program is that 
  below the customers banner is a little strip banner 
  that displays your message and URL. Every web site 
  that participates in your Banner Exchange has your 
  message on it.

  2) Ezine Ad Swaps - This one is a no brainer. You just 
  approach other similar ezine publishers and ask if they 
  would like to swap ads with you. This dramatically 
  improves your exposure to the market. For a list of over 
  600 ezines go to 

  Try to limit the amount of advertising that you place 
  in your ezines so that you don't overload your readers. 
  Some publishers send out special ad sheets that are 
  separate from their regular newsletter. It's also a 
  good idea to key code your ads so that you know where 
  the responses are coming from.

  3) Article Submissions - This one isn't for everyone. 
  But, if you have an ability to write interesting 
  articles that would appeal to a broad base of readers, 
  you can generate a lot of traffic for free and possibly 
  even get paid for it. You don't have to write about 
  marketing or the Internet. Just find a subject that 
  you are knowledgeable in and start writing. Go to the 
  above list of 600+ ezines and get in touch with the 
  publishers of ezines that are appropriate to your 
  subject matter. Let them know about your article. 
  They are often looking for interesting articles for 
  their subscribers. 

  These methods will all work very well for you but 
  you must work them. As Alexandra Stoddard said "What 
  we do today, right now, will have an accumulated 
  effect on all our tomorrows."  Let's get busy!

  Feel free to contact me with further questions.

  Chris Small is a cyber entrepreneur and host of the 
  very successful 'World Deal Center'. He may be reached 
  at His main website 
  is http// 

  Chris invites you to sample his ezine The �World of Deals' 
  for FREE. To receive your copy just send an email with 
  "Subscribe World of Deals" in the subject... or go to and enter 
  your email address.

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