Posted on July 13, 1999

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     >> 8 Important Things To Ask Your Visitors! <<

  July 13th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #45 ***

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      8 Important Things To Ask Your Visitors!

  (c) 1999 L.D. Publishing  
  By Larry Dotson

  1. Ask visitors to bookmark your web site.  There are millions
  of web sites on the internet.  Do you think they'll remember
  to come back to yours?

  2. Ask visitors to subscribe to your e-zine.  This will remind
  them visit your web site again and also get your ad in front
  of them a repeated number of times.  This will  increase
  chances of them buying  your product or service.

  3. Ask visitors to link to your web site.  Make sure you give
  them a good reason to link to your web site. They could
  offer your freebies to increase their traffic or you will link 
  to their web site in return.

  4. Ask visitors to make your web site their start-up page. Only
  ask them this if your web site is a major online resource or
  service.  Ask yourself if you would honestly make your web
  site a start-up page.

  5. Ask visitors to order your product or service. Your sales 
  will increase by simply asking for the sale. All they can do is 
  say "No".

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  6. Ask visitors to sign your guest book. You'll get compliments
  and  ideas on how to improve your web site. Get free
  advertising by sending them a thank you e-mail with your ad

  7. Ask visitors to give you testimonials after they try out your
  product or service This will remind your customers to give
  comments.  Using testimonials on your advertisements can
  skyrocket your sales.

  8. Ask visitors to participate on your message board, e-mail
  discussion group or chat room.  When you answer people's
  questions in these communities you will build yourself as an
  expert. People will begin to trust you and then eventually buy
  your product or services.

  Written by Larry Dotson, Owner Of  L.D. Publishing
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