Posted on July 9, 1999

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            How To Use Traffic Generators 
              To Get FREE Advertising!

  July 9th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #44 ***

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            How To Use Traffic Generators 
              To Get FREE Advertising!

  (c) 1999 L.D. Publishing  
  By Larry Dotson

  You can easily lure people to your Web site by using traffic
  generators. It could be a free e-zine, service, e-book, contest
  etc. Giving away these types of traffic generators also gives
  you the opportunity to get free advertising. There are online
  directories that will let you submit your freebie information.
  This is a powerful way to get free advertising. Below are just
  four of the many traffic generators you could use and some
  popular online directories to list them at to get free

  Giveaway a free e-book. It's better if the e-book is related to
  the theme of your business. An e-book is considered software.
  You can get free advertising by including your ad in the e-book
  and submitting it to thousands of  freeware and freebie sites.
  People will down load it and see your advertisement. You can
  submit your e-book to these directories:

  Hold a sweepstakes/contest at your web site. Allow people to
  enter for free. That alone will draw a lot of visitors to your
  site. This will allow you to get free advertising because you
  can submit your information to these contest/sweepstake


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  submission! To submit your site to up to 500 search 
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  Publish a free e-zine. They're free to send and you can include
  your advertisement along with your content. Trade ads with
  other e-zines or print publications. You can submit your e-mail
  newsletter to these e-zine directories:

  Start an online community. Moderating and participating in
  your own online community can give you an expert reputation.
  The community could be an e-mail discussion group, discussion
  board, or chat room. You can get free advertising by listing
  your community on these online directories:

  Written by Larry Dotson, Owner Of  L.D. Publishing
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