Posted on July 2, 1999

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          How To Eliminate Your Competition 
                  Without Bloodshed

  July 2nd, 1999                   *** ISSUE #42 ***

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          How To Eliminate Your Competition 
                  Without Bloodshed

  (c) 1999 L.D. Publishing  
  By Larry Dotson

  So how do you eliminate your competition without 
  bloodshed? You must create a "niche" for your 
  business. A niche is something that makes  your 
  business different than your competitors. To 
  compete with other businesses nowadays (especially 
  online) you need something that nobody else can copy. 
  One Of A Kind!

  First you must know who your competitors are.  
  Is your business the only one of it's type? I 
  doubt it. If so, it won't be for long.  Do you 
  know your exact target audience? If not, you 
  will have to find out this information before 
  creating any kind of niche. Below are two ways 
  to come up with a competition eliminating niche.

  1. Just Ask?
  The first way to come up with a niche is to 
  think like your target audience or customers.  
  Know their exact needs, wants, goals, problems 
  and interests.  There's two ways to do this: 
  The first way is to put yourself in their shoes, 
  think like them. The second way is to give them 
  polls and surveys to find out what they're thinking.  
  Pick a niche that none of your competitors are 
  using.  If you can't find one that your competitors 
  aren't using pick one to improve.

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  2. Just Think!
  The second way to come up with a niche is to use 
  your brain power. Ask yourself questions like:  
  How can I set myself apart from my competition?  
  What could  I offer that they can't? Imagine or 
  daydream that your business is on top of all your 
  competitors. What "niche" put your business at the 
  top in your head? Now, if you keep asking your brain 
  these questions your mind will eventually start 
  shooting out more ideas than you can handle. One of 
  those ideas may be the niche you're searching for.

  Now that you have your niche that's just half the 
  battle. You must test it. Does your niche appeal 
  to your target audience? Will it attract people 
  away from your competition? If it does, you're done, 
  until your competition comes up with a better "niche". 
  If your niche doesn't, than repeat the process above 
  and test a new niche until it works. If you want to 
  eliminate your competition and be successful you will 
  use this process several times in your business life.

  Written by Larry Dotson, Owner Of  L.D. Publishing
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