Posted on January 26, 1999

  The Add Me! Newsletter           *** ISSUE #12 ***
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  >> Tips for Internet Beginners and "Wanna-Be's" <<

  January 26th, 1999		   *** ISSUE #12 ***

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         .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

    Tips for Internet Beginners and "Wanna-Be's"

  So, after all those late nights of "surfing" 
  the web you've decided there's a fortune to 
  be made on the Internet and you want "your 
  share of the riches." I agree the World Wide 
  Web (or Internet) is one of the last financial 
  frontiers where the "average" man or woman can 
  compete with big business or major corporations 
  on a more level playing field. But, (and it 
  seems there always is a but!) having only 
  recently entered this arena myself I want to 
  share with you some of the lessons I've learned 
  along the way.

  1.  First and foremost beware of the "Get Rich 
  Quick Claims." I want to point out that the 
  majority of people doing business on the Internet 
  are honest, helpful, trustworthy folks who are 
  willing to help and share information, tips, 
  strategies, etc. either through their websites, 
  ezines (electronic newsletters), or e-mail 
  correspondence. Unfortunately there are people 
  out there who want nothing more than to part you 
  with your money, so Beware!

  2.  Learn all you can about marketing products, 
  affiliate/reseller programs (and the people/company 
  offering them), hosting services, promotion, etc. 
  Visit other websites and see what they are doing 
  that is working. Copy their success (no, don't 
  rip-off their ideas just use them as a springboard 
  to inspire you in your own creative thinking!). 
  In short, anything to do with getting your business 
  started from site construction through promotion 
  you will want to know. You do not have to become an 
  expert in every facet but the more you know the 
  better off you'll be. On the Internet the saying 
  "Knowledge is Power" has never been truer.

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  3.  Stay within your budget/learn to manage you time. 
  Resist the temptation to spend, spend, and spend. In 
  the beginning you should concentrate on learning all 
  that you can and not worry about buying this or needing 
  that because it's the first hosting service you came 
  across, the newest promotional software, the biggest, 
  greatest, best whatever that's come along. Do your 
  homework and spend your money wisely. Also, learn to 
  manage your time. While in the beginning you may not 
  have 8 hours a day to devote to your business, try to 
  free up some time (the more the better) everyday. If 
  you write down how you spend your day you will be 
  amazed how much "free" time you can find.

  The biggest step in starting any business is the first 
  one. So go ahead, take the plunge. The Internet is large 
  and getting bigger by the day. It is here to stay and 
  there is room for us all. It is my sincere hope that the 
  information I have shared with you will help in that 
  first important step. Good luck!

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