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	   I    HATE    SPAM ! ! ! ! 

  January 12th, 1999             *** ISSUE #10 ***


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	     I    HATE    SPAM ! ! ! !

  Now there's a statement that brings smiles to many 
  and frowns to few.

  But before I place myself on the chopping block I 
  want to place a few facts on the table.

  Spam, a unique type of meat and an even more unique 
  form of advertising has been my main course for over 
  4 years. And  I would have to scratch away several 
  thousands of monthly earnings if it were not for the 
  brave souls that sling their spam messages into my 

  I, myself, am as cowardly as they are brave. Because 
  I don't have the guts to chance losing my provider 
  service simply to market my wares.  The interruption 
  time would cost me too much money.

  Yet there are those who bravely take a chance on total 
  disconnect from the internet and in some cases to 
  actually be prosecuted in courts by their provider 
  service, just for the opportunity to send me an email 
  concerning questions of my desires or interest in their 
  products or services

  Well, as I've stated in past commentary, "I am a firm 
  believer in free enterprise." And I have little to say 
  against these brave Cyber frontier men and women who 
  are willing to fight the giants that are already trying 
  to rule the internet.

  It was spam that first got me to try making my own 
  website using  a free web host.  Both found through 
  spam email.

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  It was information found in spam that placed working 
  tools in my hands to promote my classified sites and 
  produce my first income on the internet.

  And it was spam that brought in an opportunity that 
  now feeds me a growing check that is soon to pass the 
  $10,000 per month mark.

  Spam can be an aggravation.  And it is possible for 
  it to even cripple your online service.  But in my 
  experience spam has been nothing more (or less) than 
  a way for me to receive knowledge, idealogogies and 

  And it has given me insight to the mind workings of 
  thousands of people and hundreds of areas of the 
  world that I would not have had an inkling of an 
  idea of how to obtain by any other means.

  No!  I am not inviting junk mail.  I have no interest 
  in the sexiest doll in Irucurbania or the tilted 
  lifestyle of Bogus Rumpus.

  But way back when I was the newbie of newbies I did 
  learn how to click and delete. And I can do it in 
  bunches in the same amount of time that I can do one.  
  So the pain of spam is minimal compared to the riches 
  of new ideas and new people I meet through the so 
  called spammers.

  My simple process of quick delete, save for later 
  folder and read now has made email reading a pleasure.  
  Because I never fail to find a new idea or a new 
  friend in the large mailings I recieve.  And because 
  I welcome all email I get the newest of the new in 
  what's happening on an everyday basis.

  Yes, it looks awesome, even a bit overwhelming to 
  see 1000, 2000 or more emails piled into my email 
  box.  But after a quick view and delete the number 
  is down to half. Second run puts them in a view 
  later folder and third run gets my immediate interest. 
  So I doubt I spend much more time reading email than 
  someone that gets 100 emails a day.  You just get use 
  to looking for certain things in the subject areas or 
  certain return email address's.

  So, before you go supporting the anti-spamming big 
  boys, who don't want to compete with spam because 
  they can't control it or make money from it theirselves 
  by forcing you to go through them.  You know of whom 
  I speak. The ones that have decided All Others Lose.

  The ones that  You Always Have Other Options with so 
  long as you do it their way.  The giants that are 
  already segragating the internet population into 
  untouchable groups and catagories that can only be 
  reached through their channels at their price.  
  Before you buy into their propaganda and damn the 
  average netter for trying to market their wares ... 
  just give spam a fair shake.

  Not only are you helping the big boys to cut your 
  throat by eliminating your rights to market, but 
  you are rapidly helping them strip away the right 
  to free enterprise on the supposedly free internet.

  In just a matter of a couple of years the bulging 
  giants have gained control of most of the effective 
  advertising avenues including the search engines.  
  Spam has become the only method left to the average 
  netter that some giant foot hasn't already stomped 
  and molded into their own working payoff tool.

  Just keep in mind that marketing on the net is no 
  different than out in the real world. The independent 
  entreprenuer is still little more than the lamb among 
  wolves.  And unless the lambs group together and stay 
  in bunches we will surely parish in their giant nashing 

  (The views of this commentary are solely the expressed 
  views of Dan Adams and do not necessarily reflect the 
  views of Add Me, Buyers n' Barters, BnB Classifieds or 
  the Louisville Independent Associates Group)

  Dan Adams, mktg. mgr

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