"Steal A Few Hours!"

Posted on December 21, 1999

by Jim Daniels

As most online marketers know, time is the most precious commodity in the world, and you just can't buy more of it. But you can "steal" a few hours each week!

This tip reviews eight super-cool tools you can get on the web for free. With these tools streamlining your time- consuming tasks you'll literally steal a few hours every single week...

Copernic,     http://www.copernic.com

Spending too much time searching the Web? Copernic can do the job for you by utilizing the best search engines simultaneously. It brings up great results ranked by relevance, with summaries. Lots of folks have told me they found my site via Copernic, so it must be a great search tool! I'm downloading it myself today! Available for Windows or Mac. And the best part is that it's free with no expiration.

Download Wonder,     http://www.forty.com

Take it from someone who offers downloads at his site -- lots of folks could use this program! If you've ever had any trouble downloading software, or getting it to run after download, get this free utility. Download Wonder runs in the system tray and comes alive when you start a download in your browser. It tracks the entire download process including hard drive location and any notes you wish to add. It allows you to open ZIP files and even scans downloads for viruses! The latest version includes a Keep Alive utility that prevents your ISP from disconnecting you. The free version of Download Wonder displays advertisements above the toolbar.

FormPal,     http://www.munica.com

FormPal assists you with creating scripts that can send email, manage cookies, and generate dynamic Web pages. FormPal's built-in graphical form editor also includes field validation methods that can validate credit card numbers, email addresses and more. A built-in script installer transfers forms and scripts to your server automatically and sets the correct file permission for each file. Free 30-day trial at the site. FormPal runs on Windows and creates CGI scripts in Perl for Unix and Windows based Web servers.

KeyBoard Express,     http://www.keyboardexpress.com

Here's a must for all busy cyberpreneurs. Keyboard Express allows you to record, key in, and play back any set of keystrokes and associate it with one of more than 450 different hot keys. Eliminate the repetition of the same sets of keystrokes in word processors, email, and more. The program can create hot keys for standard email replies, URL's and forms. Keyboard Express can even be scheduled to check for email messages. This program is such a powerful tool, I don't know how I got by without it! (Sorry, Mac users, this is for Windows only.)

SearchSpy,     http://www.searchspy.com

Ever wonder what web surfers are searching for? Try Search Spy. It offers a continually updated database of words and phrases captured directly from the Web's leading search engines. The latest version allows you to browse and compare search results by popularity. The demo version is limited to a 50,000-record database, and is save-disabled.

UltraEdit32,     http://www.idmcomp.com/products/index.html

A great ASCII based word processing program is a must for anyone running an email list. This program offers great features for email newsletter publishers. Features include a spell-checker and the ability to set line width for easy message reading in all email programs. This software is available as a free download and 30 day evaluation.

WebFormFill,     http://www.maxlock.com

Do you fill out lots of forms online? Whether they are registration forms or order forms, WebFormFill can automatically fill them out for you. WebFormFill resides in your system tray and activates with a single click. The latest version supports multiple credit card entries and password protection. Free 30-day trial.

ZyWeb,     http://www.zy.com

At this site you can create you own personalized graphics for your web site - for free. Their unique system requires no graphic or artistic design expertise, and yet allows a near infinite range of high quality text and 3D graphic headings to be produced in seconds. Truly a notch above the rest of the "free graphics" sites on the web. This is an interactive web-based resource and there is no download necessary.

Article by Jim Daniels
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