Affiliate Marketing Means Using Email-Marketing

Posted on May 14, 2003

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Affiliate Marketing Means Using Email-Marketing
by David McKenzie

As an affiliate in an affiliate program you need to be good at affiliate marketing. One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing is email-marketing.

Get it right and you will be a successful affiliate. Get it wrong and you will be just another affiliate statistic. (It is estimated that between 80% and 90% of affiliates make little or no money from affiliate programs) What email-marketing methods work best to be a successful affiliate?

Here are 3 methods that consistently produce the best results for affiliates:

1. Developing a Newsletter

You MUST have a personal newsletter that goes out on a regular basis. Just because you're an affiliate doesn't mean you should not have a newsletter.

A newsletter with valuable information lets you build an email list. Then you can market your affiliate programs through articles and ezine ads in your own newsletter. I personally have experienced some excellent results by promoting affiliate programs I belong to in ezine ads.

I know I personally have clicked on thousands of ezine ads in newsletters!


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2. Set up an Email Course

A great way to build an email list is to run a free email course.

You package some of your content into an email course running over perhaps a few weeks and offer it for free to subscribers.

What you can do is have links at the bottom of each email promoting a different affiliate program.

For example, if you offered a 5-part email course you could promote 5 different affiliate programs in each email. In each email would be a link to a different affiliate program. Each link would have your unique affiliate code.

3. Offer an Ebook Download

Another great way to build an email-marketing list as an affiliate is to offer a free ebook download. You can offer the download via autoresponder so that an email goes out to each subscriber giving them the download page.

In that email you could promote a few of your affiliate programs.

You can also promote affiliate programs by having links throughout the ebook. However be careful not to just provide an ebook full of links - you want to provide quality information first and the affiliate program links second.

Email-marketing is an essential tool for the successful affiliate. Use it properly and you will see some fantastic results!

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