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Internet Marketing Tools - Ebook Basics

Posted on May 23, 2002

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Internet Marketing Tools - Ebook Basics
By Shelley Lowery

One of the most powerful viral marketing tools used on the Internet is the ebook. An ebook is simply a group of files compressed into one downloadable file for distribution. This file can reside on your server and may be downloaded by your visitors an unlimited number of times. It requires no installation and will open on your visitors' desktop to display your information.

Ebooks are considered to be the "perfect" online marketing tool. Not only do they provide your visitors with something of value, but they also enable you to promote your products and services. With just one quality ebook development, you can produce an on going promotional tool that will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years to come. Your ebook can literally be viewed by millions simply by giving it away and allowing it to be freely distributed.

The concept is simple. The idea is to create a powerful ebook that targets your potential customer. This ebook should identify a specific problem, and promote your products as the solution. This can be accomplished by providing information that teaches or informs with regard to the subject matter.

The key to using this technique effectively is to encourage others to distribute your ebook for you. If your ebook is good, fellow Internet marketers may be interested in offering it to their visitors. However, for massive distribution, give them a reason to want to offer it to their audience. Allow them to customize your ebook with their company name and web address.

In order to create a customizable ebook, your ebook must be in HTML (EXE) format. In addition, you must have a special ebook compiler, as not all compilers provide this option.

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When you create the HTML pages for your ebook, you simply create the customizable fields according to the ebook compiler instructions. These fields might look something like this:

This ebook was brought to you by:


When you purchase a compiler that allows customizations, you will also receive an additional branding software. This software will be distributed with your ebook to enable your visitors to edit the customizable fields.

After your visitor downloads your ebook with the branding software, they simply load the software and edit the customizable fields. The fields you placed within your HTML will be instantly replaced with their information.

There are very few compilers on the market that use this technology, and only two that I can recommend:

=> Ebook Edit Pro (Highly Recommended)

This is a great ebook compiler. Not only is it easy to use, but it also includes a pop-up message box or splash screen that loads prior to your ebook loading. In addition, you can display your own product icon and select the buttons you would like to be displayed such as navigational, print, and home buttons. It also has an added feature that enables you to include an affiliate ID within every ebook you create and make money for referral sales. As an added bonus for purchasing this great compiler, you will also receive an "eBrand-It" software that will enable you to set up special fields so that your visitors can customize your ebook. A free demo is available. This is a great compiler.

Cost: $87.95

=> Activ E-book (Recommended)

This program isn't as easy as Ebook Edit Pro, but with the aid of the instructions you can easily create a nice ebook. The nice thing about this compiler is that it assigns an ESBN number to each ebook you compile. In addition, this great compiler will also enable you to create a "Rebranding" software. This additional software can be used to enable your users to modify parts of the ebook that you specify without recompiling. It also has a free demo that is fully functional for up to 10 files to be compiled (including graphics). You can create and distribute ebooks with the free demo, but you must register the software if you'd like to sell your ebooks.

Cost: $29.95

By allowing your visitors to customize your ebook, you will significantly increase its distribution.

Creating a powerful ebook to use as a promotional tool is a highly effective means of obtaining free promotion. If your ebook is good, it will have the potential to be viewed by millions. Not only will it provide you with the opportunity to share your expertise, but it will also enable you to promote yourself as a trusted professional.

About the Author

Copyright Shelley Lowery 2002.

This article was adapted from the highly acclaimed ebook series, Web Design Mastery. Web Design expert and author Shelley Lowery's latest ebook is an in-depth guide to professional web design that is rapidly becoming known as the "Bible" for professional web design.


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