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Secrets to Using Popup Pages

Posted on November 21, 2001

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Secrets to Using Popup Pages
By David McKenzie

Many affiliates run their own newsletters, often producing them either once a week, or once or twice a month. By the way if you don't already run a newsletter, you should!

Their constant struggle is to increase subscriber numbers. I know, because this is my constant struggle.

You probably already are very familiar with Popup Pages. But for those who aren't, they are separate pages that popup usually when you either enter a site or exit a site.

I have been reluctant to use popups in the past for fear of the backlash that might eventuate.

I know many people hate them. In fact some people hate them so much they have installed software on their computer to prevent popups popping up!

So I struggled on, gaining many new subscribers each month and building my ezine. But it just didn't seem that I was gaining as many subscribers as I should have.

I had read how some people really lived for popups. They stated they increased their subscriber numbers and / or sales dramatically.

Email Marketing

Anyway, a few months ago I thought "Oh heck, I'll give these popups a shot."

Wow!! Is a complete understatement of my reaction to their performance.

I set up a simple popup on my home page for subscribers to subscribe to my free twice-monthly newsletter for affiliates.

The first month my subscriber uptake increased 366%. The second month my subscriber uptake increased a whopping 600%!

All because I put a very simple popup on my home page. And it only pops up when people leave my site.

But guess what else happened?

Since I put up the popup page I have not received one single complaint. Not one.

This doesn't mean I am going to put dozens of popups all over my site.

On the contrary. From my research, people generally do not seem to mind 1 simple popup page about a quarter to a third the size of a normal page. It's when the popups get out of control that people get angry.

You have all probably seen those pages where another 3 full pages popup immediately behind the site you entered. These types of sites will annoy just about anybody.

But one simple popup page off the homepage getting subscribers to subscribe to a newsletter has worked like "magic" for me.

David McKenzie of produces a free twice monthly newsletter for affiliates. Sign up by sending an email to and receive the free Special Report "7 Secrets to Making Money With Affiliate Programs."

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