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Build Mini Sites

Posted on July 25, 2001

by Gauher Chaudhry

Gone are the days when marketers were building monster 500 page web sites trying to sell almost everything imaginable. Surfers do not want to get lost in a maze of information or confused about which product to purchase.

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Mini web sites are soon becoming the new marketing method to drive traffic and sales up for many Internet marketers.

What is a mini web site?

A mini web site is simply a direct sales letter (almost always one page) and an order form. No banners ads, or advertising links or multiple product selections. The mini site focuses on selling one product/service and one product/service only, directing the potential customer to the order form.

The reason why mini sites are becoming so effective now is because they are "direct response sites" and the visitors are usually targeted individuals who have a genuine interest in what the site has to offer.

They are easy to create and can take less than 30 minutes to build. Creating a monster marketing site takes months, costs more money, and could result in a variety of problems.

The great thing about mini sites is that even the busiest person can find some time to create one and it requires almost zero maintenance.

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Many new Internet marketers sometimes make the mistake of setting up massive web sites and try to keep the site updated with fresh content. However, they end up being so busy with maintaining their site that they have no time for the most important thing which is marketing!

The nice part about mini sites is that they are quick and to the point. No messing around with fancy graphics or a gazillion of links. Simply a killer sales letter and an easy to follow order page. The ultimate goal of every marketer is to close the sale.

A lot of marketers are not happy with the sales letters that affiliate programs provide them, so they design their own mini sites to help *pre-sell* the product or service. Another component about a mini-site is that you can register a domain name that looks more professional.

For example, instead of using the URL provided by a company (lets use an luggage company as an example) that runs the affiliate program which may look like this:

You could register a domain name that looks more professional and redirect it to your sales page. For example, it may look like this:

So if you are serious about making money on the Internet without having to spend countless hours creating your web site, then mini sites are definitely the way to go.

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