Redesign Your Site For The New Year

Posted on December 29, 2000

By Dan Grossman

It happens to most good webmasters. They get the urge to redesign their websites!

If you're not happy with your site, because it's not pulling enough sales, it's not generating enough pageviews, it takes forever to load, etc, now may be a good time to redesign it. Although this can be a major project for most site owners, doing it can be well worth it. Here are some things to consider when redesigning your website.

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Designing the Site

The first thing you should do is define a basic layout for the main pages of your site (or if every page is going to have the same feel, a single layout template).

Keep in mind your goals, your reasons for designing a new layout in the first place. Make sure that your content is easy to find, that your navigation is easy to follow, and that no pages are too far from any other page on your site, so visitors can quickly find what they're looking for.

Be sure not to overdue your site with graphics or bright colors. Try to find a balanced color scheme, consisting of several main colors to use throughout the site. A few good places that can help you in choosing colors are or

Keep in mind that consistency helps your visitors to navigate your site. Keep your pages consistent in design and navigation and they'll thank you for it by visiting more pages on your site.

Improving the New Design

Once you've finished the new design, take a break. Leave it for several hours, or even a few days, before returning to work on it. Then, with a fresh perspective, take a good look at your design again and try to improve it. Again, don't forget why you chose to redesign your site in the first place.

Helpful Resources for Redesigning your Site

To finish this article, here are a few helpful sites that will make your redesigning task a little bit easier. Good luck!

Split up large images into smaller ones

Create MouseOver effects for your site

Generate logos online with this free logo creator

Reduce load time by optimizing your GIFs

Generate META tags for your new site

Check your HTML for W3C compliance

Check your spelling and links

See how your site will look in other browsers

Article by Dan Grossman

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