Pay Yourself: Promoting Your Website!

Posted on October 20, 2000

by Sheila M. Coyle

How can you earn money by promoting your website?

Put together a short ebook, publish it for free, keep the profits for yourself while spreading the word about your business!

I am taking you through this process in three easy steps. Before you know it your book will be out there explaining your products to the entire world!


We pay you to add Boomerang Content(tm) to your site with the top reasons to keep readers coming back! Over 11,500 web sites use this patent-pending methodology. Two ways to earn from your site: add the highest paying search engine at 4� per search; install Pay-Per-Text(tm) in-line text ads with over two million keyword topics to select Boomerang Links(tm) to keep surfers coming back, paying you up to $1.37 per click.

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Your Story Behind Your Business

Your human interest story behind your business can be your biggest selling point. Everyone is interested not only in rags-to-riches stories, but what are the reasons you started your business and why did you think it would be successful? If you run a particular type of business such as web hosting, what are the steps you took to start your business?

Don't worry about eloquent phrases or fancy words. Tell your story as you would to a friend sitting next to you at your kitchen table. Write it exactly as you say it. It's the best kind of advertising for your business, not someone else's. If you are not sure of your writing abilities, have a friend or a professional writer put your story together for you. Remember, when writing there must be something that the reader takes away - inspiration, a new idea, a lead into a compelling product or a new design. Tell your story in one, two or ten pages. It's your book!

Publish Your Story For Free

Yes, for free! There are many publishing companies on the web that will publish your book in a basic service. These free services vary in difference, some offering Print-On-Demand in their package, along with registering your book through online booksellers such as, Borders, and Barnes & Noble. If you want to publish POD there may be a minimum length for instance, twenty-five pages. Length differs, but it's worth writing a few extra pages for the exposure it gives you and your business! Ebooks are stored on site. That means that 24 hours of the day millions of people clicking on "selling on the web," "web design," or other topics will find you explaining your expertise and gaining a potential customer's interest.

The DimeClicks network pays you 17 cents each time one of your website visitors clicks on one of our banner ads on your website. It's really just that simple! was ranked #78 on the list of PC Data Online Reports Top 500 Fastest Growing Websites for the week of July 15, 2000.

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Keep Your Profits While Spreading The Word

You are paid on a quarterly basis for the sale of your book (s). You can divide your business know-how into many short one or two page topics, charging $2.50 - $10.00 for an ebook, keeping 40-50% profits for yourself. You have ways of managing your business that would work for other people. Business topics are the number one best-selling ebooks. And if you don't think someone will pay you to learn how you started your business, all I can say is, I received my quarterly ebook/POD check today, did you?

Ebook and POD Companies: publishes one, two, or twenty pages of your ematter. Your book could be a recommended title! offers ebook and POD. They register your book through, Borders, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers. From start to finish they get your book out there in a matter of weeks. POD is a quality product and all for free! and operates much the same as Xlibris.

Sheila M. Coyle has a Technical Writing Certificate from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. She is a Contributing Editor/Writer for at:

Need help writing/editing your ebook? Contact Sheila M. Coyle at She is the author of Katie Marie and St. Therese's Website available through, Borders, Barnes & Noble, other booksellers and at:


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