Email 101 - Back To The Basics

Posted on September 5, 2000

by Chris Small

All Internet Marketers use email to some extent. The successful ones use it a lot and are very effective with it. The most successful marketers use email to drive traffic back to their sites over and over. PLUS they use it to bring useful offers to their readers which produce profits for them. A marketing website just isn't complete without an email sign up form.


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Following are some ways that you can use email to market your site.

1) Signature Files - this one might seem obvious but just look at your incoming messages to see how few Internet Marketers actually practice it. Basically all a sig. file is, is a small ad or blurb for what ever you are promoting. It could be your own site, an affiliate program, your ezine, your own product or service, or anything else that is important to you. It should reside at the bottom of every email that you send (right after the PS). Here is an example:

Free Marketing Training Reports

Some people put full ads and include several different advertisements in their sig. files. That's okay too, but having just one or two will give the ads better exposure.

2) The PS - This is one of the most read sections of any letter. Use it to your advantage. Always include a good reason for the recipient to want to click on your link.

The following example assumes that you were sending an email to somebody about an unrelated subject.

PS Have you heard about the new xyz widget? It's going to be the biggest selling Internet item EVER. It won't hit the market until September, but already several hundred people have signed up in advance for it.

3) OPE - Other Peoples Ezines. Buy, swap or barter for ads in other ezines and online newsletters to promote your stuff. Online Ezines have been proven to be one of the most effective methods of reaching large amounts of prospects in a cost effective manner. Bottom line - they work!

Ad Example:

Does your current browser truly give you this? Young Upstart Company goes head to head with the BIG guys. Take a look

Here is a list of over 600 ezines that you can use. Just pick the appropriate types of ezines that you wish to advertise in or swap with and contact the publisher.

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4) Your Own Ezine - If it is effective to place an ad in someone else's ezine,it is far more powerful to create your ezine. The key here is to keep providing top quality content and maintain a loyal readership. Once the readers come to know and trust you, you've got a loyal following that will act on your recommendations. Make sure that you carefully check every opportunity that you present to them though. You don't want to blow your whole credibility just to make a fast buck. Here is a report that will give you more information on how to start and run your own ezine.

5) SPAM & Unsolicited Email - I just had to include this one to see if you're still reading . This could be the worst marketing mistake to make. The foundation of a solid email marketing campaign is a friendly, receptive audience that you can communicate with over and over. That's what turns readers into buyers (and friends). Spam hardly meets any of those criteria. At best it is a single blast from a shot gun. The problem is that some of those shot gun pellets will only sting your targets and make them mad at you. It only takes a few complaints to lose your ISP, website, and (even worse) credibility. Bottom line on this one - Don't Do It!

6) Auto-responders - As the name suggests, this is a very effective method of automating your email messages. A properly prepared well written letter can deliver your information or sales message immediately to the prospect when THEY want it. Many hosting plans now include auto-responders for free.

7) Your Email Address - I know what you're thinking, what the heck does the email address have to do with marketing? A LOT!

It's all about perceptions and the how people view your marketing efforts. If they see that you are still using the address that you got from your ISP, or worse yet a free address (eg: HotMail), then they get the impression that you're just not as serious about marketing as you could be. For this reason alone it is worth the 10 bucks a month (or so) that it costs to get your own domain and email address.

The power of email is very obvious, but a lot of people don't use it effectively. Follow these simple guidelines and mix them with common sense. You'll be glad you did.

Chris Small is an Internet Marketer and Partner at the and

PS (See, it works, you're reading the PS ). If you would like to learn more about Internet Marketing make sure to check out Chris's other reports at


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