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Can You Really Benefit from Buying Keyword Placement?

Posted on June 6, 2000

By Candice Pardue

Buying keyword placement offers a unique form of advertising that allows online business owners to narrow their advertising efforts down to a mere "keyword phrase." Let's face it, there aren't many targeted advertising options out there on the Net that offer such an opportunity to reach targeted customers.

What to Do While You're Waiting to Get Listed in the Major Search Engines

As the Internet becomes more and more crowded, it's getting tough to get listed on the major search engines. The search engines are flooded daily with listings, and there simply just isn't enough space on the first few pages to list each Website. Even if you do get listed, this may take a while. That's why buying keyword placement on smaller search engines has become a great way to build some traffic to your site while waiting to get listed on the free search engines.

When you need visitors quickly and inexpensively, buying keyword placement gets those results. For example, offers a keyword bidding system that allows business owners to bid on certain keywords, sometimes at a rate as low as one - ten cents per click through to their site. This allows them to pay for results and not just advertising. If you pay one cent per click through, this means that one hundred visitors will go to your site before you pay the first dollar. Not bad!


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At that rate, the risk is minimal and allows business owners to test sales lines, headlines, etc. while driving traffic to the site. All in all, the traffic may not always be astronomical, but it's very targeted. Those visitors actually searched for that particular keyword and then clicked on the link of their choice (two factors that add up to very qualified traffic). If you have a good conversion rate, sales are very likely made using this method.

The Three Most Overlooked Benefits When Buying Keyword Placement

To sum it up, buying keyword placement offers three major benefits that many online business owners often overlook...

1. targeted customers
2. choice of target market (you get to choose which keywords are best related to your product)
3. inexpensive way to drive traffic to your site

Test your keyword purchases on a small scale first to see if it's viable for your company. If so, you can roll-out and multiply! Be sure you're not overlooking powerful ways to market your online business.

Candice Pardue is the Webmaster and Co-Creator of Online Success for Internet Business. Learn two secrets about that can tremendously benefit your online business...


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