Common Web Site Design Flaws You Must Avoid If You Are Serious About Making Profits On The Internet!

Posted on May 30, 2000

By Karl Kanning
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Thousands of new web sites are created daily by home based entrepreneurs. Unfortunately the majority of these sites contain serious design flaws that are costing their owners a higher percentage of profits. Here are three mistake you must avoid if you are serious about making money.

1) Slow Loading Pages

You've heard the saying, "Time is money!", and at no place is this more true than on the Internet - where the common mind set is to gain instant gratification.

Earlier this week I conducted a survey of 50 different web sites chosen at random. Twenty-six (26) of those sites took longer than one minutes to load. The longest wait took more than three (3) minutes to fully load. Only eight (8) of these sites loaded in ten seconds of less.

The average web surfer is not a very patient sort. If your page takes longer than 30 seconds to load then your visitors have probably left before all your graphics have appeared.

What causes a slow loading web site?

- Too many colors
- Too many pictures
- Too many fonts
- Too many special effects
- Too many scripts and complicated HTML code

So how do you correct this flaw?

Remember KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Each page should include no more than two fonts. Graphics, pictures, and effects should be kept to a minimum. Generally speaking you should keep your web page sales presentation as black type, with a white background, using the default type.

2) The Failure To Collect Email Addresses

It usually takes 6-7 sales presentations before a prospect turns into a customer. You won't have the chance to make those presentations, however, if you haven't developed a mechanism for ongoing communication. That's why it is necessary for you to employ several different methods of collecting site visitors email addresses.

Here are several great methods for collecting email addresses:

- Ask visitors to subscribe to your e-zine
- Invite to join a discussion group
- Encourage them to sign your guestbook
- Offer a free service or resource
- Give a free course via autoresponder
- Have visitors complete a survey
- Run a contest for those who submit their email

In each case make sure that you get them to "give you" their email in exchange for the service you provide. This will provide you with a growing opt-in list for future sales presentations and profits.

3) Showing A Lack of Credibility

In theory the beauty of the electronic commerce is that the marketing process can be completely automated, allowing the webmaster to sit at home and simply collect payments for his/her products and services. In reality, however, people still like the personal touch. Without it they will question the integrity of products and services.

How can you improve people's perceptions of your integrity? I suggest that you include on every page a link to the following information:

- Your Name
- Your Email Address
- Your Snail Mail Address
- Your Phone Number
- Your Fax Number

Are you really serious about making money from your web site? If so, make sure you correct these fatal flaws as soon as possible!

Written by Karl Kanning

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