What's the NEXT BIG THING? Internet Radio!

Posted on May 16, 2000

by John Aherne

Recently I talked with a veteran television manager who had come back from the National Association of Broadcaster's convention, the big annual get-together in that industry.

"They're scared to death!" he exclaimed. "Broadcasters have suddenly realized Internet broadcasting is about to ruin them."

There is no question that the Net's NEXT BIG THING is coming over the horizon. Internet Radio is big and getting bigger.

Already more than 20 percent of Internet users listen to radio online each week. This audience is already bigger than FM radio's when it was exploding in the 1970s.

The Net's digital broadcasting allows for an unlimited number of radio stations providing an endless variety of programming. You can get a feel for the vast number of listening opportunities by checking The MIT List of Radio Stations at http://wmbr.mit.edu/stations/list.html. As of this writing, MIT has listed 9,000.

The search engine Lycos has launched their own Radio Network with enough money and muscle to make it a broadcasting powerhouse ( http://music.lycos.com/radio/ ) Yahoo Broadcasting ( http://radio.yahoo.com/ ) specializes in helping standard radio stations get online.

Internet radio includes everything from LA's KISS-FM to Tampa's WPIG. You also get highly original Internet-only stations like Radio Free Ontario where you will hear the strangest news in the world, such as UFO sightings, mysterious happenings, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena.

You can even start your own Internet radio station from the comfort of your home. Live365.com streams your favorite CDs or talk to anyone who wants to hear it 24 hours a day. San Francisco's GiveMeTalk.com lets you broadcast your own talk shows. Both sites let you do it all for free.

Many Internet stations have built very large audiences. Because they can identify exactly how many people click onto their server, listener statistics are far more accurate than the muddled ratings regular stations get from Arbitron.

Popular stations appealing to specific types of listeners can be an outstanding advertising source for your company. Because the Real Audio player most people use has a place for video, your logo or ad can be displayed visually while your message plays.

Much of the innovation in e-commerce has slowed down. Internet TV is still probably years away. What is BIG and happening now on the Internet? Internet Radio. Sign-on, listen in, and ponder how YOU can profit from this mighty, wide-open revolution in media.

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